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How to go about getting help for the first time?

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Hi everyone! I haven't posted for a while. Very sorry about my unannounced absence! I need some advice.

In the past days I've started to seriously consider getting some professional help. I want to start off talking to my university counsellor, but I really don't know what to say. I'm worried that it'll come across as sort of attention-seeking behaviour. And I feel bad because... I don't really have a reason to feel the way I do - My life is good. I'm scared that I'll be wasting their time, that there are so many others who have it so much worse than me, and I'm scared that they'll just think I'm a pain.

What do I say to them the first time? Do I just tell them everything? Or just a little bit as a sort of introduction?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Miranda :)

Personally, I think you should go in and just tell them everything, get it all off your chest and see what they advise you to do, alternatively you could go to your doctor and tell him how you're feeling, he may prescribe anti depressants or whatever due to your conditions,its really important that you do seek help, so please go for it, take good care of yourself and good luck xx


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Wanting to feel better is neither attention seeking nor anything to be concerned about. I think it is best to ask about how the professional 'conducts business' and I am sure his/her initial inquiry will concern the reasons why you are seeking help at this time. Any therapist of value, has treated persons with many varying concerns, and knows how to engage a client to interact (if that person wants to interact)...it might be helpful to write down some of your concerns so that you know you have expressed what you want to; also know that everything cannot be handled in one or two sessions. Establishing a relationship takes time in any context. And this is especially true within a therapeutic relationship. I am so pleased you are considering seeking help, and please feel free to PM me if I can assist in any way...I have spent so many years in treatment, that I feel like a professional client...J


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Thanks for your advice, both of you! <3

I've made and appointment for Wednesday, and I'm pretty nervous (but excited!). I'm really worried about how I'm going to tell them that I self harm... s: I feel so ashamed, haha... But I can do it! :) I've got to hold my head up high and fix this. <3
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