how to handle the urges...?

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by thowra, Aug 16, 2009.

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  1. thowra

    thowra Member

    ok well you girls will probably know what im talkin abowt but well i was just trying on sme clithes beaczuse im going out tomorrow(yay i have a life )
    and i just ooked at myself and well..i broke down i was so angry that i was given THIS body THIS life i couldent cry i was so frustrated ,....and i thought i know how to let this feeling out i know how to punish for how i look and feel

    i can cut myself, i picked up the razor i had unscrewed from a sharpener a whie back and just...stopped

    i have scars all over me from previous*ventings* and i can now never wear short skirts or shorts (not that i would anyway i have horrid legs) i cant wear strappy tops ..its killing me waring with the two halves of myself
    the half that wants to let go to slash her herself up so much that her own family wouldent recognise her the half that wants to die

    then the slightly better half
    the half that says that i shouldent do it that i shouold just get over myself and that i dont even deserve death that if i want to repay for everything that iv dun or felt that this s the way to punish its my personal helll its everything im afraid of, everything i hate , everything that hurts me.


    so uuh i was wodering du any of you guys have any tips as to what you do when you have a urge...

  2. rosky71

    rosky71 Well-Known Member

    i read somewhere some methods to try not these had not helped me but you can try them if you want

    1. take a rubber band and snap it on your skin you can do it as many times and as hard as you want

    2.take an ice cube (not a sharp one with edges but a rounded one) and put it on your skin and make the cutting motion

    3. same as number 2 but use a dull knife such as a buttter knife that way you get the motion just not the actual cuts.

    now like i said these did not work at all for me but they said they work so try them
  3. Rose24

    Rose24 Chat & Forum Buddy

    I hope this thread helps you

    personally, I tear paper, slowly, the sound calms me down. If I really hate myself and I need that "rush" I'll go for a run.

    You could always just talk about how your feeling- I'm usually in chat, if not you can PM me !! :hug:

  4. Yara

    Yara Member

    screaming helps me a lot. into a pillow or, at the best, somewhere outside (in the woods, under a bridge, etc). the longer and louder the better. even if i cant talk for a while after it, it's worth it.
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