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    Even if I try to improve myself, it become impossible. I have enormous problems. I got rejected by a lot of people- brother, cousins, uncles, aunts, friends and Myself. I hate myself. I have no achievements. I have no vision for future. I'm completly lost, where to go, how i reached here, why i m here; i don't know answer to any of these. I have no self confidence, no self esteem and a loser who is too afraid to win.
    I don't take part in any decision making process that effect me. I just ask what they decided, i 'll agree to anything.

    Now if i were to repair myself how to do it, from where to start? What is the core problem?
  2. Kiba

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    well.. I don't like telling people how to live their lives, but what if you tried to be a part of that decision making process? Maybe try first making other decisions on your own. Maybe decide what are your values and sticking to them.. And then sticking up to people when they are making decisions regarding you. I guess getting the courage to say how exactly you feel. And maybe just trying at first writing it down. I know verbalizing needs can be difficult.. But.. I think maybe that might help.. I'm sorry you have so many issues, and I hope you are alright. Sending my caring.