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How to Kill a Plant?

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I have this plant that I spent years cultivating. It's now a nice indoor tree.

I want to kill it slowly. But very slowly - so that I can watch it die. Not just shrivel from lack of water. What can I add to the water to slowly poison the tree?

I really am talking about a plant. I'm not a cutter / self harm / etc. But I need some kind of outlet ... If I don't kill myself, let me kill my plant.

I just don't know how to do it! I already added a cup of vinegar here and there (no reason why I presumed that would work) but the tree did not seem to suffer a bit.

Ideally a household substance that I can just slowly add to the water ... no major all-at-once death. Just a slow degradation ... like I feel happening with my own life.

Maybe you all think this is sick. Well dh :tongue: But anyway, perhaps in the way some people cut, I want to kill my plant ... and it's healthier than self harm! So please help. Something slow ... just wanna watch the plant die for no "apparant" cause
I know that if you put liquor on a plant it makes it grow shorter. Maybe an rubbing alcohol would do something. Or just water itself. Many plants will die if the soil is too moist.


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why do you want to kill something youve obiviously put so much effort into? something thats a great achievement of yours? i cant keep a small plant alive let alone grow a small tree!
if you give a overdose liquid fertilizer, it would burn the roots. thats a bad method to kill a plant :cool:
or you just cut it..
best regards, curtis
This is gonna sound stupid to everyone, but a plant is a living thing. Why would you want to kill a living thing? And not just kill it, but kill it slowly? But I may be soft in the head.
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Don't kill your plant. You put all that work into it for nothing if you kill it. Plants are good for you to have, they give a warm feeling to the surroundings.
This is gonna sound stupid to everyone, but a plant is a living thing. Why would you want to kill a living thing? And not just kill it, but kill it slowly? But I may be soft in the head.
doesnt sound stupid..:sad:

and..oh dear god this has reminded me of my plants! must water! yeh im with bunny on this one..struggling to keep little plants alive. wont it make you feel worse in a way if you kill this plant youve put so much effort into?
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yeah that seems kind of mean. They have perfromed tests that have shown that plants have some sort of awareness of danger and/or pain. Although, i suppose if its a choice between you dying or the plant dying then go roight on ahead. but stilll...
Um ... this is a suicide forum. I feel terrible about my life. I have suicidal thoughts. I have blah blah psychological pain and it's not "real" or tangible.

self harm, crime, drugs, torturing animals ... these are all outlets other people use. I don't and don't want to. I just want to watch my plant die. As a manifestation ... something real ... be a little destructive. what I want to do is SOOOOOOO harmless compared to anything else I could do ... that other people do. Sometimes I want to take a hammer and bash in a wall or my window ... just as a form of screaming. I'm not going to do those things. But destroying something worthless isn't anyting either. I would like to kill my plant.

It's innocent. yes, I know I put effort into it. But better that I kill my plant than that I kill myself. It's just a form of crying out and making things real ... This is a pro-life forum, yes? Human life, right? We all kill plants all the time when we eat our vegetables.

I would just like to watch my plant slowly die. I feel awful. I guess no one understands.

Still, plant-killing tips are appreciated.


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Whenever I feel really sad, lonely and depressed I like to go for a walk and look at the trees, even seeing the leaves that have fallen on the pavement makes me realise that there is a goodness and beauty in the world that is missing from my everyday experience of life.

Maybe when your plant is dead you will miss it, and maybe that would be a good thing.

After all I never used to care about nature, but when my best friend died, I was depressed walking down the street and suddenly the beauty of the trees, and the flowers just overwhelmed me in an almost mystical experience. It's impossible to explain but it's a pity that it was only in death I came to appreciate life. Erm... I'm sorry I'm overreacting here, god it's only a plant after all.
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Here's some advice from http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/extension/container/container.html:

"Proper watering is essential for a successful container garden. Generally one watering per day is adequate. However, poor drainage will slowly kill the plants. The mix will become water-logged and plants will die from lack of oxygen. If at all possible, avoid wetting the foliage of plants since wet leaves will encourage plant diseases."

I hope that this will help you feel better. Don't do it if it will hurt you somehow.

Remember you can always use this forum as an outlet too. Let us know how it's going.

Hugs, :hug:
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Yes I know how you feel! How about a bottle of chlorox or some other household cleaning agent? Make sure you pour in a lot until the soil is drenched with it...and then watch it wither away...Or just deprive it of water and leave it out in the sun all day.

But you know what? A better way to put out your stress is to get together with someone and go paintball shooting. Go crazy! Life or death combat! Haha j/k...

Anyway I hope things work out for you (I always say this and don't really mean it at all, haha) but really...


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Actually I've come to think the whole plant debate is a bit pointless. Perhaps the focus should be more on you than your plant.

You say "I feel terrible about my life. I have suicidal thoughts."
So you'll kill your plant and everything will be ok will it?

I'm no expert in this field but maybe you should start considering other longer term solutions to your problems.
ok, look.

I know I have problems. I am seeking other solutions. I've been on all the shrink drugs, tried to address underlying issues. I'm NOT saying this makes it all ok. I just want to do it, ok?????

Why don't you understand the need to also have an outlet in a harmless way????? Some people punch pillows, or smash things.

Amongst other things, I want to kill a plant. Why is that so hard to understand?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why so judgmental? Do you understand that people cut themselves? Do you understand that that is far worse? I'm not cutting myself - I'm harming a plant instead. And I'm still not saying that it's good or normal healthy la la la.

But killing a plant is harmless, and for me it will be a little bit of a release, in the same way that punching a pillow is a release! Why can't you see that? Do you tell someone who punches a pillow "now now, don't punch the pillow, are you so deluded into thinking that if you punch that pillow things will be ok? Why don't you address the other issue, and not punch the pillow."

I am not claiming all is well. I asked for a little help in a harmless coping method. For me, seeing something else shrivel and die as a materialization of how I feel, melodramatic as it may seem, seems like it would be a little bit of release. A little bit of satisfaction.

This is a suicide forum. We are obviously, many of us, not just all happy dory. You don't need to point out to me that my issues are larger than a plant. Because ... Duh.


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Sorry if I came across as being judgemental, I wasn't that concerned about the plant, the point I was trying to make was that I was more concerned about your wellbeing. I guess it just came across wrong.
Sorry if I came across as being judgemental, I wasn't that concerned about the plant, the point I was trying to make was that I was more concerned about your wellbeing. I guess it just came across wrong.
No ... sorry I got so jumpy ... guess I could have made it more clear from the start that I know I've got issues to resolve and don't think this solves anything beyond being a small release and alternative to much more dangerous things in my head.

Thanks for the concern.
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