how to make it better?

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    Im really stupid. Im at the level of a 12 year old. So theirs no chance of ever being succesfull for me now, im screwed. It seems like theirs nothing worth living for in this world. I hate the way the world is. People always do cruel shit to each other. LIfes one big competition, theirs the strong and the weak, if your weak you screwed. Some people believe in a afterlife. Im sure their isnt. Life sucks then you rot. But what if their was? I think they would suck too. Heres a few of the most poplular ideas. Lets see if they are good or not.

    Middle eastern religions like catholic christian and muslim believe in heaven and hell. So their will be billions of people and animals in hell I guess. And a few people who believe in a certain book will go to heaven to be an evil gods servant forever. I think any smart person would realize how horrible stupid and sick this belief is. If it were true life would be much much worse.

    Reincarnation. You finally get out this shitty world then you come right back as something else. What would be the point? YOu lose all your memorys every time you die so you never gain any thing. It would be a pointless cycle.

    Then of course theres the realistic death. Where you just ceace to exist. This seems to be the best of the other ideas. No more pain and no evil god.

    Either way every single one is horrible. Life is horrible. Death is horrible. Existence is pointless.
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    first and foremost, i find your post interesting because at one point in my life i used to think exactly like you, unitl i found out the error in my way of thinking.

    you can't say you are stupid (maybe you did something that is but that doesn't mean you are all stupid; we all goof up).

    you can't say that you'll NEVER be successful unless you can see into the future (prophet). you can't tell what tomorrow will bring you.

    there is something worth living for - others. not ourselves. thats at the cornerstone of the point of existence. people all around you need you. you have alot to offer. Einstein said we start to live when we can live outside of ourselves.

    'People always do cruel shit to each other'
    - a man shall reap where he sows.
    - you get exactly what you give
    -what goes around comes around
    -for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.
    'evil' people, above all, came to teach us forgiveness. forgive and you shall
    be forgiven.

    'LIfes one big competition, theirs the strong and the weak, if your weak you screwed'
    -right, but also, to whoever much has been given, much will be demanded. Work with what your maker entrusted you with. start where you are. appreciate what you have. you are also 'stronger' and more competitive than half other humans in the world and they also have a right to say it isn't fair.
    the most important thing is that you you what you have to strive and not live like the rest of the pak by playing the 'big competition game' and living
    unselfishly for others. work hard for the sake of others and you will be happy.

    I promise you. even the big cats (strong) think they are screwed and relatively weaker than their counterparts. its all relative. e.g poverty in africa and wealth in NOrth America means the same thing to me as health to you and sickness to many others(weak) in the hospital. do you ever go to visit them? then you are also in the competition mode like the rest of humanity if you don't.

    Forget religion. We are all children of God and he made us to be like him (image). we have to strive to get here whether you are a muslim/christian/jew. work on improving your character to be god-like. God is not mean, we are just paying for our bad karma. Hell is right here, and we will continue living in it until we stop living self centered pleasure seeking lives and think along the lines of 'loving our neighbour as we love ourselves. i don't mean to sound religios but you touched on the subject first. God did not make one religion good and another bad. just try to be like mother teresa (if you can) and you'll make it to heaven regardless if you are an etheist or religious. its all about your character. not your religion.

    Reincarnation...who cares if its true or not. i just try to live my life in such a way that if there is anything like this, i won't have to come back to this earth to learn any more lessons. by the time i die i will have developed a character good enough to join with the light. these are MY beliefs. and i try to do this by working hard for the benefit of others, not being self seeking. like Jesus did. though i'm still far from this yardstick. use your free will wisely.

    about ceasing to exist, i used to wish there was an option like that until i found a reason to live. but that seemed a very good option for me. no heaven, no hell, just not there. but i can't do anything about whats done.

    and God is not evil, we are just too selfish and self centered and there fore we get from the world what we give. we use our free will mindlessly and then blame God of the consequences we incur. is this really fair to him? every action has an opposite and equal reaction - every hurtful action to others brings back its kind to us. good thing it also happens with good.
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    Please dont bring up christianity. I grew out of that piece of shit religion a long time ago. Do you even read the bible? Its disgusting, its repulsive. I will never strive to be like the evil bastard god of that book, never.

    Secondly their is no such thing as good. What you consider good may not be good and what I consider good may not be good. Their is no way to be sure. Good may not exist at all you see its a human invention to try and improve our lives and our societys.

    Live for others aye? Sorry but I cant live for just any idiot in the world. You could be thinking your doing good by trying to help some people but really you might be making it worse. Example: You could pay to feed every starving kid in africa for a month. Good right? wrong. They will just run out of food make alot more babies and continue the cycle. The best thing you could do for them is cut their balls off so they cant breed and continue the cycle. They wont want that of course but the reality is they would probably be better off that way.

    Example you could give a bum a 20 dollar bill and he might go spend it on booze. Example You could give a poor person 500$ and he might use it to buy some drugs and a gun and go rob some people, maybe you.

    Ive been throu all this crap before, I used to be naive too. If I had true free will I would honestly ask god to make me a robot that would be better and easier and I would never have regrets. I am not selfish either, Im having a tough time in my life and im in no position to help any one else when I can teven help myself.
  4. I agree that everything is inherently meaningless, we merely impute meaning onto things arbitrarily with our minds. BUT, suffering is real. and it won't go away by itself until the root causes are removed. giving up & not trying is the worst thing you can do in the long-run.

    doing good for others is performing an action that results in the conscious experience from their own side to be positive & beneficial. as long as you know for sure, unambiguously that what your doing is beneficial for them then you should certainly do that. in a lot of cases it's unambiguous, therefore you have no excuse for refraining to do good in those cases.

    again, what you state is true theoretically. BUT certainly there must exist many instances where it's completely 100% certain & unambiguous that a certain deed is beneficial for others.
    i mean if someone rushes to the hospital with a bullet-would, the doctors wouldn't go "well, we're not certain if removing the bullet would help you" lol.

    in a lot of cases its certain & umambiguous what the right thing to do is, so you can easily concentrate on that subset of actions & safely ignore the very ambiguous & uncertain set of cases.

    does that make sense?
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    Yeah, I understand what you mean. I do believe in helping people and animals, it can be beneficial to the world. I just cant live for any one tho. Have you ever did something for some one and it backfired? not a good feeling. I will definitely help some one the best way I could. Its debateable whats always the best thing to do though. I think educating people can be more important than feeding or giving them money , alot of the time.