How to make my friend get help?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Pickles_, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. Pickles_

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    Let me say first off that, no, this is not about me. This is about a friend who is afraid to seek help.

    She's 17, beautiful, smart, and outgoing. She has a questionable past filled with drugs, sex, and other stuff. She found God and that helped for a while. She has never had any straight up mental problems...until last year. Last year, her ex boyfriend got her pregnant. She miscarried early in her 2nd trimester (recently found to be the result of some condition she has) and she just...spiraled down. I mean miscarriages aren't an easy thing to get over...but she has legit mental problems now. She always had minor depression and self esteem issues, but now...she says she hears voices. She has awful nightmares. The scariest part is that she has an alter ego...and this thing is terrifying. I think stuff like this is what movies model demonic possession after. When she is in this alter ego...she just isn't human. She's rude, incredibly sinful, and just terrible. This thing honestly scares the hell out of me and I broke down crying the first time I witnessed it in action...
    She won't get help because she says the voices won't let her. I don't know any of her family and friends and I don't know how to make her get help...:(

    She isn't right and I want her to get help before she kills herself...
  2. Samara

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    Ask to talk to the voices.

    When you speak to them, ask them why they want to hurt your friend. They may give reasons, ask them what your friend did to them. They will give reasons for that.

    Remind the voices that having her dead means they die too. If the voices think that they won't die, even if she does; then let them know that they would.

    Ask the voices what they are really looking for. Maybe they are lonely, or want more attention etc... say they can get those, but only if they go to therapy.

    If they say that therapy doesn't work or other things, keep firing back at them, what they gain out of that.

    As for her, in her own 'sane' moments, where she still doesn't get help, let her know what she is like without the help; and let her know what she could be with the help. Also remind her that you are also there, and you too are a voice, and ask her to listen to you as well.
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    had a friend who was listening to voices that were "asking" her to do personally dangerous things - her other personality took over at times and i found myself arguing and reasoning with someone else entirely in order to try and keep her safe

    while she was in college it got very bad one night - i was so terrified for her that i coordinated with people so that campus security could intervene - she was placed in a program right away

    spoke to her once before she asked me not to contact her again - it hurt like hell but it was never about me and i have left her alone ever since

    i google her now and then - she went on to good things and seems much better which is all i wanted for her

    i guess my point is that this may not be something you can handle on your own - it sounds like she needs medication at the very least and probably a good deal of therapy

    if she can't or won't seek help for herself and she becomes dangerous to herself or others, some type of intervention may be needed

    best of luck to both of you
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