How to make someone feel better

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i was reading over some of the posts and was wondering some things. do the things that people say really make people feel better? what is it that helps? people giving other people different viewpoints of situations surely doesnt work as well as some may believe. and agreeing with a sad person might make them feel better. but no matter what, the problem doesnt go away. maybe it's temporarily altered to seem better, but, eventually, it comes back and bites hard. i'm actually focusing this on ME, and not generalizing, however, others may agree. i just feel like it doesnt matter what people say, what i learn, or anything else. my glass will always be about 3/4 empty. when i smile, i cant even tell if it's fake anymore. i feel so har headed. how does one become happy, and if it's so easy to become sad, why isnt it easy to become happy? i dont really expect an answer that will solve this problem for me, because of what i just said, but i feel like it would be a nice discussion.


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You are right. It would make a nice topic. I also like the question you have that we can get depressed so easily, but not the other way around. I've often wondered this myself. I can go from happy to suicidal in just a few seconds, but then I'm usually stuck in that mood for a day or two...always. Doesn't really make sense does it.

To add to your main point here. I don't think there is any one simple answer. What people say, has an effect on people differently. For some, it truly does help. For others, it can make it worse. It honestly depends on who commented, what relationship you have with them, how you view relationships, how well you take positive and negative criticism, and a bunch of other degrees of relativeness. For me. I've not started many topics here. But I like to get an idea of what others think compared to how I think. Lets me know if there is some "normal" left in me, or if I've just plain lost it. It also gives me a varied view point of my situation. Does it help directly? Do I feel better from what someone said, or become happy? No. But I do take it all into consideration as I struggle thru life. I hope that the many comments I made on other threads if not help, at least provide some insight that they can apply to their life, or to someone later in the future. I like to think of us as mini-therapists.


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I want to share more, but my brain is off right now.
I used to want to be a "mini-therapist"...until I heard of the diverse issues and situations that show itself. I thought how can I assist souls hurting so?
In relation to Forum here:
Sometimes people responding or sharing lets one know they are not alone. We don't cry alone. Some of us need that. We also need to know that 75 people read our post, but only 7 wrote anything. Does not mean anything negative. Just that people do not know how to express always. I like to read also, rather than start. But that's just me.
It may not make the problems lessen any, but giving us some feedback on insite until the next dr. appt. or to make one feel you can get thru the night.
We all CAN learn from each other. At least I enjoy the few friends I made here. Does that help somewhat?
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