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How to move on


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I am wondering why people think you are boring. What do you talk about? Today people have short attention spans, they just can't stay focused for long on anything. It could be you are not boring at all, but have the problem I do. I enjoy talking about a subject from many perspectives. Most think that is a waste of time. So I am boring them. Talk to me, I like most all subjects. Love
I'm sorry that you're dealing with the pain inflicted and afflicted against you by the apathy of they. I deal with that kind of trash behavior everywhere, including at church of all places. Can you imagine that!!! Like wow, have they got some people skills to revolutionize or what!!! Look, you and I can't control how they respond, but sooner or later, they will have to make their choice, either they include us back in and develop empathy voluntarily, or, they will take their brand of complacency and pursuit of entertainment into the grave with much regret to go along with it. I don't hate them, we shouldn't hate them, but we have a right to be angry about it with the resolve to be fired up enough to get their attention. They may think you're boring, but trust me, you're not. And I have a feeling that this world is about to be shaken enough that the absolute truth will be revealed to all of us so fiercely, that we'll show them who's "boring" around here. God Bless.
How do you move on, when literally everybody thinks you're just boring
Excitement is not necessarily the primary thing that everyone is looking for in their friendships or romantic relationships. So even if you aren't exciting, I don't think the problem is with you, but rather that you haven't found someone who is the right fit for you.

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