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How to move on...

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Can anyone tell me ways that you guys moved on from a friendship that ended (because of your mistakes), without feeling guilty and in despair about the whole mess? I'm running out of ways to console myself at this point.
Guilt is a terrible thing.
Ok, forgiveness of yourself is the key here i think.
By that i mean change.
Trying to learn from your mistakes and so not repeating them.
That for me anyway, makes me feel better, makes me hold my own heart when i don't react in a bad way like i used to.
With space from your friend( you need this so change can be made) and a bit of the above......................friendships can always renew.
i know how you feel this has happend to me recetly, have you tried to make up with this friend? its always worth a shot if it dosent work then you have to move on if you dwell on it for to long it only gets worse you need to take what youve learned and move on maybe find someone else to be frinds with or focuse on your other friends? if you think about it for two long it will only get worse.


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@nameip. Yes, I apologized and stuff. I wanted to ask her to give me another chance and things, but she always stops emailing me for an extended period of time. She claims to be busy. It's just too much. I am trying to reach out to others, but it's very difficult. One friend isn't around all the time, and another is a best friend of this person, so it's just awkward. I feel like the longer I have to wait for her to respond, the more I will dwell on it. I know I caused this mess but this isn't fair. The thing is, I promised myself I wouldn't make the same mistake after ANOTHER friendship ended and I keep messing up.

@me, myself and i - I wish she would tell me she needs space. I'd gladly give her some, but I have no way of distracting myself. It'd be easier if I had a job and was away from the house, but I don't even have money to take the bus anymore. I don't think I will ever forgive myself.


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It's rather difficult to move on in most cases. I still haven't moved on from my ex, even though I should've by now. It all depends on the relation you have had with the person in question. On your own, moving on is an inmense difficult task, and sometimes even impossible.

Since you apologized i'd say that you have done your best. You can't forever wait on them to reply. Sometimes it takes an certain amount of time for the other side to accept what you've done, because essentially they are going through the same as you. Which would be; Moving on from that which happened.

Atleast try to forgive yourself? Otherwise you won't even be able to move on.

Feel free to PM me though, as it seems we are in a bit of a similiar situation.


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I never asked her for another chance, though, which I'm afraid of doing lest she lashes out at me again. I doubt that--I think she's moved on already. All of my ex friends were able to quickly move on from me, but I never could with them. She says she's been busy, but I'm just really afraid.
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