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How to sleeep?


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I only get weekdays but I want everyday solid sleep. On weekends, my brothers has their own room, they too can't have interrupted sleep cause they're working but I'm not. I've tried putting them outside, but the kitties are so used to my room that they'll still come back to my room and there's no other place to put their litter box.

And i seriously want to have solid sleep. I love my kittens. Don't get me wrong but I can actually fall sick if I keep getting constant interrupted sleep and cause my therapist says I'm a light sleeper.

Man, how do I make my kitties sleep without them meowing late night and I get to sleep while they're inside??

Don't try to win me here, I am seriously exhausted.


•✮• SF's pet kitty •✮•
eh wait nvm, problem solved. my lovely brothers rearranged the furnitures outside to change the litter box outside so the kitties sleep outside. 😹 I hope they wont meow louder to want to sleep in. 🥺

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