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Practical Advice How to stop acting on emotions


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I tend to automatically react to a situation by how the situation has made me feel.

Which usually results in an angry outburst.

What can I do to change my reactions?


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For me, I learned to change my reactions when I knew that the consequences/outcome of my outburst would be extremely bad. So I finally started thinking before I acted.


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While we do tend to feel something right away and right off it's hard to think about the consequence of punching a wall, yelling at people we care about (hell, yelling at people we DONT care about!), hurting ourselves or kicking the cat we develop these skills over time. Most often it occurs in childhood through coaching from parents but oftentimes they have either lacked those skills themselves of they didn't teach us that so we're left to figure it out for ourselves. I'm sorry you're struggling with it.

For me it's a combination of remembering that all these things are going to have a consequence in some way, small or large and that all that anger just doesn't do any good. It only results in feeling shittier at the end of the day.
What have you tried to curb your anger in those moments?
Have you tried clocking that emotion during the buildup? Feeling what you're feeling before it gets to the boiling point? (for me I can feel my hands getting cold for some reason) Knowing that you're getting to "that point" can help you to peel away from a situation before it escalates to a snapping point.
Have you tried the usual things like counting backwards by 7's or breathing exercises or stretching or music?
I feel ya here, well kinda.... my problem isn't acting on anger but I have acted on being agitated from my anxiety or being too sensitive one time too many and effected others negatively because of it. I feel awful, and I know I gotta put a stop to it somehow. It's hard not to act on impulse isn't it, I guess we gotta take a breather and force ourselves to not let it come out at others and also put things into perspective before having an outburst

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