How to stop having crushes on people you shouldn't??

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by Lmxoxo, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. Lmxoxo

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    I have a small crush on a boy. Literally, a BOY. He's 17. I'm 22. Help me get rid of it! It's super weird. I think he a little bit returns it. But I'm an adult! And he's a baby child. I'm supposed to be a responsible adult. Help me get rid of it. I actually feel so lame and disgusting
  2. Flaxney

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    Hello, there is a five-year age gap between you, which isn't really that much. If you share similar interests and have compatible personalities then you should probably ask him out instead of perpetuating your crush. Assuming that he is of legal age that is. If you don't act then you might regret it later when someone else asks him out.
  3. Northern

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    Not sure where you live but outside legal issues I don't see much of a problem.

    To awnser the question, the only way I know is to stop seeing that person.
  4. FrainBart

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    having a crush is harmless. the more you tell yourself you can't have the more you will want. A 5 year age gap isn't all that bad, when I was 17 I was dating a 26 year old (UK)
  5. Moat

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    Like Flaxney said, it is only a five-year age gap, the same as my girlfriend and myself (she is the elder), so it is not too 'disgusting'. Although I can see from your point of view how it could be, given that by federal law, he is technically under-aged and you would be liable if there were any sexual conduct committed (judging by your post, I would say there is not, so you have nothing to fear in that regard).
    In regards to thinking of him in terms of age, why not think that in just 1 year, he will be older (and therefore legal) and while you might not like the thought of any kind of relationship at this stage, the fact your heart is telling you otherwise could be something to consider, so best not 'get rid of' wh feelings you have right now, but see how time and events play out a bit further down the line?
  6. just_me_again

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    Like people above, outside of legal issues, there shouldn't be a problem (wait until he's eighteen to be safe?). If you really want to abolish a crush, what you have to do is find his flaws and focus on them. Like I stopped liking someone after I figured out he was bad with money and another because he constantly complained about his ex.