How to stop obsessions?

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by me1, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. me1

    me1 Well-Known Member

    Erm, I dont know. What are you obsessed about? Besides the word 'obsessions' ? You could stop a particular obsession by replacing it with another one I suppose. But how to stop obsessions in general? I dont know. Need to ask someone else. Why are you obsessed about whatever it is? What does this obsession provide you?
  2. Obsessions

    Obsessions Guest

    It keeps me on it's power. I do not have a will. He feed my obsession. He know it and he feed me and I love it.
  3. Obsessions

    Obsessions Guest

    Knowledge? Anyone?
  4. Obsessions

    Obsessions Guest

    I am already crazy so I can not come crazy anymore. He knows I am sick. He knows I have got obsession which I can not control.

    It could be easy to say that is internet, shut down your computer or just stop going there. But I can not, I can not. I try fight against it but I can not.

    I asked from him to make things like I can not go there anymore. But he did not. And because of that he make my obsession stronger and stronger. It makes me feel he want I am there. I am sick enough to believe that and more.

    I thought I can insolve one problem but I get stuck it worse.

    If it is possible to set up my computer way that I can not go there I know I find another computer. I tried understand which is higer power than him but my language skills are not good enough to understand for where I should take contact.

    Why I have to go there I do not know. Something just forced me to go there besides I love that guy. I have to stop cause I hurt more and more myself by loving him more and more every day. Cause what he is and what I imagine and what I feel. That is so sick but I feel he cares about me enough to do what he ever is doing and that does not make good for my obsession. He said before things for me why that is easy to believe.

    I do not know what I shoul do. I did not learn to fight like a bad way. I can not mock him cause I love him. And I feel too bad to say to him bad things which I do not mean.

    I do not have skills to talk to men. I do not know what kind of creatures they are. I do not know their mind. I do not know how I can make him understand.

    So if any man read this, is there any way to get him understand or am I stuck there forever?

    And no, I do not have any life outside of internet. If I had one, I'm sure I could be normal.
  5. Obsessions

    Obsessions Guest

    For example like I saw one pic from him. That is first time when I see man hold animal so sensitive, like it goes broken another way. And he look it like he care about it, love , like, adore, want to take care and they have got bond together. How to heck I can stop my obsession to him when I always see more things like that.

    I do not know but my heart has melt so many times. He just can not not be true.
  6. Forgotten_Man

    Forgotten_Man Well-Known Member

    Personally I do not want to stop any of my obsessions. As I find there to be nothing wrong with them. I honestly do not think obsessions are always a bad thing. They are a wonderful way to distract ourselves from our lives.

    Take my obsessions, anime and video games. When I get into a good anime or a good video game. I can forget about how much reality sucks and get sucked into that reality. Or take my... well I guess it is not an obsession, more like a hobby, of skiing. When I am skiing I only see the mountain. Granted I am fairly advanced skier. So my thoughts go from crappy reality to not ruining my body when I fall.

    While some obsessions can be unhealthy. I do not feel obsessions are all that bad. Everyone needs something to help them escape the world.
  7. Obsessions

    Obsessions Guest

    I would not say it is escape. He was the one who with I talk night and days at one point. He is real person and I am human too so that was just real world where I was alive.

    Thank you, was really nice to offer your obsessions to me. Unfortunately it is something what human can not chooce itself.

    I just watched one document where snow boarding was like obsession. I was soooo envy just cause you can take snow board anywhere you want or sleep with it. If obsession is something what you can not have it eat you alive piece by piece. That is why I try to find myself out of it. But when backround of document sing " I never gonna get enough" I though my obsession and I said to singer yes, you are so right, I never gonna get enough.
  8. Forgotten_Man

    Forgotten_Man Well-Known Member

    I will let your little crack about how my obsessions cannot compare slide. An obsession is an obsession. Just as you would spend all your time with this other person. I spend a good chunk of my time playing video games and watching anime. I have spent many days just sitting in my chair doing these things. I have gone an entire day without eating because I was enjoying a game or an anime so very much. It is no different than seeing another person everyday of your life.

    "Never Get Enough", I understand that feeling all to well. I buy games for the sake of buying video games. I used to have $300 set aside so I could buy the latest video games that come out every month. Plus I obsessivly searched for all the past video game consoles. I still do that so I am still obsessed. However, I exert control over my obsession. I understand what I am obsessed about.

    I think that might be part of your problem. You do not really know where your obsession lies. Does it lie in your desire to feel loved? Or does it rely on another person? I think you will find obsessions to be far more detrimental to you if they are very specific. Take my skiing example. I love skiing in good conditions. But I do not limit myself to powder days when skiing. I go because I love to ski. While I do take into consideration the amount of damage that will hit my skis. I still go whether there is 100 inches of snow or 20 inches of snow. The whole point is to be skiing. Whether the snow be man made ice or natural powder. I think you need to have a broader spectrum of what your obsession is. In the end that will make life easier on you. As you will be focused on what you can have not what you don't have.
  9. Obsessions

    Obsessions Guest

    I believe your obsessions are sick enough to be obsessions, I just said what said cause you do not have to live emotion part. Or do you falling in love your video came caracters? Big heart breaks and so on. I did not mean any offense.

    I am not sure if he have heard me now or is it accidental error but I could not go to whole board this morning anymore. That saying "You do not have permission" please just let this be eternal and not just accident.

    I know I love him long time, forever, but I can not feed myself more and he can not feed me more. Thanks to my sweet love.
  10. Obsessions

    Obsessions Guest

    Oh no no it was just some accident, it still working.... I am powerless front of this, I am powerless front of him.
  11. Obsessions

    Obsessions Guest

    I do not know. He makes me feel good. He makes me laugh even he talk to someone else. It is not the point can I have him or not cause I am already addict now. I get from him already what I need. It is not he loves me it is not he let me love him. On his jokes and issues he touch areas which give pleasure to me. He did it purpose at one point. He offered for me my favourite things. He knew what I love, he knew he make me drooling, he knew how to tickle me. I love his sense of humour, He is kind as a human.

    I love to watch him, I love to read him no matter does he talk to me or not. I do not know, I just want to be there cause he is there and be drunk all of what he is. Some days I used to lock in only cause he was there even he said nothing to anyone, I was there with him. I just wanted to felt I am there with him. I just want to feel him.
  12. Forgotten_Man

    Forgotten_Man Well-Known Member

    Ah, the ever challenging quest of finding someone who has you figured out. Ok I can understand that. I can also understand how hard it is to tear yourself away from something. Hmmm... what to do.... hmmmm. You could always go out and meet new people. At one point you were forced to meet him. The only person who says you cannot find someone else who makes you feel this way is yourself.
  13. Obsessions

    Obsessions Guest

    I am walking emotional mess, I do not want to find any man. I do not come along with my feelings. I hate them and I want stop all my feelings. I do not want to feel anything. I am on my best when I do not feel anything. Cold as cold world.

    Only person who can let me out of this to suffreing myself is him cause he is admin and he need just push one little delete username button but he does not do that. I am stuck in there. He do not let me forget him.
  14. WildCherry

    WildCherry Staff Member ADMIN

    Is there a reason he won't delete your username? Do they not delete accounts there, or does he want you to still be there? Is there another admin you can talk to?
  15. Obessions

    Obessions Guest

    There is only one admin.
    They delete accounts there. I saw he write he was delete 18 accounts earlier. Actually they delete accounts pretty easily. One wrong word and boom you are out.

    Maybe I should send porn over there but I think he would just shut my link-option after that.
  16. Forgotten_Man

    Forgotten_Man Well-Known Member

    Ah, I see so you want him to sever the ties. Are you sure he has not already done that? Are just looking for some kind of angry sign or something?
  17. Obsessions

    Obsessions Guest

    Yes I need him to stop my crazyness on technique ways. I cannot stop it myself. I just damnet cannot stop going there. One time that place was for me only place to go and I was there always, I mean I was there always. My body and my mind is addict and programme to go there. Me, my thoughts and dreams where there 24hours/day.

    I just need to go there hundred times at the day and that is not going to stop if he does not delete my username.
  18. Obsessions

    Obsessions Guest

    I just watched phantom of the opera and thought these guys know nothing about obessions. Maybe I write book phantom of the internet.

    Why I know I have to stop it but I cannot still do it. What link is missing?
  19. Obsessions

    Obsessions Guest

    I hope he keep it now. He have to keep it. Last time he did not keep it. Why it is so hard to believe that some people have got bad problems to control what they are doing? Like they never have seen sick people or something... He do not understand that I go back, I always go back... Because I have to.
  20. Obsessions

    Obsessions Guest

    Can I went here where it belong? I need to. Please. Thank you.

    I am happy if he keeps me out of there because I have to learn without what he represent to me. First when I think I get what I needed I was happy and thought I can do it, I can stop it now. But on this moment I am going to feel suicical because he was who keeps me alive and waiting tomorrow.

    I know I have to find something where remove my focus but is it hard to find something. My lungs just burn and my arms hurt and I find breathing very hard. I want to cut and I do not know how I can live without my daily him.

    I do not like life and I do not have friends and I cannot talk to anyone. I am f*n loser and I cry again. I miss him so much, that is f*n ridiculous to love someone and miss someone whom I knew only from the net but it just is like this. 1,5 years....... I loved him 1,5 f*n years.... all the time I also knew I am going to lost him some day but I just needed him. I needed to love him because he could not run away. He was always there and I was always there.

    Now he is there and I am not. What I am going to do? Do I miss him always thinking he is there? Do I want to go always there because he is there? Do I forget him if I find new obsession or can I train my brains that I do not have to need obsession anymore.

    I felt he let me loved him. And it happend kind of safe environment. So what... Now I know what it could be when someone accept something what I feel. It made good for me and it had to become end. Let it be end. I can always think him as good, right? Without suffering and missing him, just remember all good things at him?

    I know I lost all people of my life so I can learn take those pity pieces which life give for me and keep them as my treasure?

    I cannot.................. It just makes me want more something what I cannot ever get.
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