how to survive?

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I don't know what to do in between therapy sessions when I am still haunted by all of this pain. I need someone to help me, and there is no one here, kind of like when it happened. This is why i want to die. It hurts too much, and no one has ever been there to help, we help people when there are fires, or hear t attacks or disasters, but if you rape a child or an adult, no one does anything to help the victim. We just want here to go away, forget it ever happened. I can't forget. And it hurts worse than any kind of pain I have ever known. And, I think it's going to kill me.

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Hun there is help there is sexual assault councillors to help you your therapist hun keep talking here SF will help anyway we can i know it is hard hun but you are a survivor okay a fighter don't let whoever harm you win okay hugs
I pull my strenght up that I am worth it. I have so low self esteem for years For me I get angry. I will not allow anyone to step on me. I have had for years. I still get in my bad moods. But I fight it, they can all go to ----. It was not my fault they did it to me. Some abuse relationships after I was raped. It took me at the age of 48 to finely like myself. And I treat myself to massages, suntanning or I take myself out to eat. A makeover. Learn to love yourself is the key I think for me anyways:yay:


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I really do know how you feel hun, your words touched me, when you said how you are feeling it is exactly what i am feeling and you put it so well! minute by minute, hour by hour we have to find a way to get through or they have won, they have wrecked our lives completely, i'm trying to tell myself that if i die he will have taken everything from me and my children. If you ever need to talk i'm here x
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