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how to trust

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i have supports. but, how do you trust them when you are thinking the worst. i just cant seem to let people know how bad i am really doing. im afraid to let them in. even my therapist. i dont feel i can keep this up much longer. im at the bottom of the hole with only one way out. i dont know how to go on.

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you go on by trusting one person okay YOU you have to trust you to do the right thing here tell your therapist how you are feeling truthfullly so you can get the help you need to heal with out that trust you just won't get the full amt of help you need hugs
what are you afraid of that makes you not trust? do you think that they will send you to the hospital?

I think that in most cases they don't send you to the hospital unless they think that you are going to hurt yourself or others

you could talk about what you are feeling here if you want to.
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