How Well Did You Sleep Last Night?


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Hi, Tor. Would you mind if I ask what exactly is what troubles you when you try to sleep?
Hey @Rasmus, thanks for asking.
I can never remember my dreams, but often feel like they wake me up, and they leave me with anxiety or weird feelings. I think it’s a combination of that, stress and and having too much on my mind. Then when I awaken in the middle of the night, it’s hard to go back to sleep because my mind won’t stop racing. I even wake up when I take sleep aids, which isn’t often. It’s so frustrating because I know how beneficial sleep is to me, and how I’m impacted when I can’t sleep, which is too often.


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Looks like we have a similar problem. Another member here that is dealing with the same problem told me once that they avoid to see the news and basically everything that they find triggering before sleeping, since that conditions their nightmares. Also, another member here named barry sent me this link when I asked about this problem, maybe it can be helpful:


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Thank you for taking your time to try to help me sleep better. I appreciate that very much, and will try the suggestions in the article.

I’m sorry you are experiencing the same issues. They are definitely no fun.


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I've been struggline with sleep for years. I'm sure it's part of the reason I'm here. Melatonin has helped get me to sleep but waking in middle of night and not going back to sleep, which you mentioned, is pure torture. Dr. recently gave me rx for trazodone. Seems to be helping but I'm also Prozac so it's two antidepressants. Sorta worried about that.


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I’m sorry to hear that you also struggle with sleep problems. It’s nice for doctors to prescribe aids, but yeah, it’s worrisome. They’re kind of like a double-edge sword; they help now, but the side effects of the future are concerning.


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I have a hard time with sleep. I've been diagnosed with chronic insomnia.

I take several sleep aids that are prescribed. Usually I can get to sleep with them, but I wake up, often with nightmares.

Bad sleep sucks!

That sounds extremely exhausting and frustrating *console


Works during the day, doodles at night.
i can live by with 3-4 hrs of sleep long term so its fine. its not everyday so just always hoping by luck, i would get my 5-6hrs. last night was just 4 hrs.

Holding my breath

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Sleep is always an issue for me, has been for a few years. Bad habits mean I can knock myself out into oblivion and not exist for 10 hours or, if I avoid taking the knock out meds, I don’t sleep.
Last two nights I’ve taken no meds but had very restless nights with very strange unpleasant dreams. Difficult to know what’s best really, enforced oblivion or nightmares.

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