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    i know ive ranted about this already in my diary but my brother inherited my poppas war medals and wanted to sell them on ebay. thankfully he was stopped from ever getting them but i just dont get how cold and callous anyone could ever be to even think or do such a thing. they have a personal history bihind them that our family dont want taken away and it hurts so much to know that my brother wants to rip it away..

    even though ive only learnt about it today and it happened a year ago. it was my cousin who ripped into my dad about this and made sure my brother never got his hands on my poppas war medals. i really wish i could have been there so i could have ripped into my dad as well because i have so much pent up anger about this right now

    i just dont get how anyone could do that.. people died in order for my poppa to get those medas, ok they werent the victoria cross or anything that special but they were war medals, and years later people people want to sell medals on ebay
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    There are some greedy fucks out there. And those same greedy fucks don't really give a damn who the hurt and they don't care about anyone else but themselves. All he saw was dollar signs on those medals. Good thing he was stopped from selling them or from even getting his greedy fingers on 'em.

    The positive side of this is that your brother wasn't able to fulfill his greedy wants & needs. That's something to smile about!
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    I agree with the above poster, I think only greed could cause someone to do something so selfish.

    Those medals were a symbol for his bravery ..not something that should be practically given away in an act of greed. :(
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    yeah that was really a bad move. Some just see money and dont care about much else. I would be angry too, good that the medals diddent get sold. They should stay in your family and always be a reminder of the history of your poppa.