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How will i cope?

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I know it's still a little way off but i am worried about how i will cope with being on my own for xmas. I have NEVER been on my own before i have always had someone to share it with and i'm scared i will fall apart. I am in an area where i have no friends and can't get to family,all my support network will be closed for xmas and all i will have is my flat and lots of time to think. It's making me depressed to think about it but i can't help it when it is being talked about everywhere and shops have xmas things in.


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It will be my second alone.
However I have Social Anxiety and love the idea.

Do not buy into the dream, or the ads. Many people will be lonely, scared unhappy over Xmas.


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I will most likely spend the holidays in my room. We typically open gifts and all at my sister's house. My parents want me to buy xmas gifts for my siblings this year, since I apparently have so much money lying around. (Uhhhh... sure, I have money? Since when?)


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My second Christmas alone also. Some time off to wonder about. There will likely be invitations, but I think I will choose to spend it quietly grateful for the loved ones that are no longer here, and of the blessing of having been able to know them and share time with them. I'll probably use this forum for companionship or support.

The lavish joyfullness and excess is marketing, designed to claim your dollar ang make you feel guilty if you don't participate and spend more, more more

Fr those friends and family still alive, I'll send each a sincere letter of what they've meant to me through the years. If you try it, you might be surprised by some of the supportive responses you receive back.


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Being alone durring the holidays sounds terrible, but you are not the only one. I think writing letters is a great idea, also make some calls. What about voulenteering at a local homeless or womens shelter? It will make you feel good by doing something nice for someone and the smiles on their faces will warm your heart. It may also help you realize some of the things in your life aren't as bad as you think. Wishing you a warm holiday season :)
I have spent quite a few xmas holidays alone over the years and every time it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. This year will be my first since my relationship ended which is always hard but I'm sure I'll get through it okay.

You may be surprised at how easy it is, having a bunch of people stay over or travelling around to see family can be really stressful anyway.
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