How Will I Laugh Tomorrow, If I Can't Even Smile Today?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by EvenDeathMayDie, Jan 30, 2008.

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  1. Who fucking cares? At least I'm alive.
  2. Daze&Confused

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    Where there's life there's hope and chocolate.:biggrin:
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    I read your post about having died. I actually did the same only mine was from a bad case of food poisoning. I made the choice to stay. I have one friend who died in the hospital and came back..yes doctors pronounced her dead many times but she seemed to fight back and keep coming back until she finally passed late in December. The doctors had been baffled how she had survived for so many years with all her complications and blood clots in her brains. She always held such a positive attitude and she smiled and enjoyed what she had of her short life. I was actually quite moved by her selflessness during such a time when she was suffering. Just thought I'd share those experiences with you since I read you other thread..

    Anyway, I'm not sure if this post is related to that in any way but there is still joy to be found in life in things we enjoy doing, in friends, in family, in the beauty of our planet. Who says we can never smile or laugh again?
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    Atta boy! kick life in the ass and dont take shit from anyone
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