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How would this hypothetical situation work out?

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by silent_enigma, Aug 11, 2007.

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  1. silent_enigma

    silent_enigma Well-Known Member

    I was thinking the other day, most people with depression and suicidal thoughts talk about being lonely.

    Let's just say by some miracle all the lonely people from this forum lived in the same town, and we had a cookout one weekend and we were able to get most of them to come.

    Would people have fun? Would they get along? I mean, we wouldn't have to worry about anyone being judgmental towards us for being socially awkward or whatever. But old habits are hard to break.

    I think a lot of us would have a good time.

    How do YOU think it would go?
  2. Allo..

    Allo.. Well-Known Member

    I think I'd really like it :)
    But I also think it would be really hard.
  3. silent_enigma

    silent_enigma Well-Known Member

    Getting people there would be the hardest part I think.
  4. Feared.Desire

    Feared.Desire Well-Known Member

    Yes, I think people would have fun.
    In my opinion, you can have all the 'friends' in the world, and still be lonely. Its not being with people so much as it is being able to be close to people, and being able to actually trust people.

    If that could happen it would be great though, I assure you. Of the few people like myself at my school, the ones that seem to be trusted the most, and seem to understand people the best, are those who suffer from depression.
  5. letdown

    letdown Guest

    I wouldn't call myself depressed at this moment but lonely, yes...lonely seems a bit of a simple word to describe the feeling. It's something I have avoided as best as I can in the past by 'escaping' into my eating disorder etc. I'm quite socially anxious with people, and I don't know anyone on this forum so I doubt I'd feel comfortable with a group of strangers, some of which already know each other and have longstanding ties.

    With a group of people who may be depressed doesn't mean they would all trust or be able to communicate well, or even have any kind of vague common ground apart from mental health problems which doesn't mean they are equipped perhaps, to show care or understanding or even want to. In any kind of interaction communication (and perhaps similar views of things) makes things go smoothly. When I'm depressed (severely) I am very very withdrawn and spaced out. I doubt anyone would find this fun apart from anyone who actually knew or cared about me and would have the patience/confidence in themselves to just be around me and just be. Strangers? I doubt it. I wouldn't be able to make them feel comfortable being around me.

    At this point, seeing as I'm okay generally...I'd be the person on the edges watching everything :tongue:. It takes me a long long while to get used to people.

    It was an interesting thing to think about though!
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2007
  6. Feared.Desire

    Feared.Desire Well-Known Member

    Aye, point well taken, I see where your comming from. But having a common problem (depression), would it not give them a little bit more of an edge to be able to better relate to the people there, and maybe get along, even if only a little better?
  7. ~PinkElephants~

    ~PinkElephants~ Senior member

    It could go both ways b/c as we all know in the real world some people get along and some don't. I predict some people would end up really close friends and others would end up at each others throats :blink:
  8. qwerty098

    qwerty098 Active Member

    I'd be happy there :)
  9. WhyTry

    WhyTry Active Member

    I personally would be too anxious to get myself to the cookout. But I'd hope that everyone else had a good time. :)
  10. Ignored

    Ignored Staff Alumni

    Your theory of everyone having depression ='s everyone getting along doesn't even work here. Add to the mix tension at meeting new people, a bunch of people who may have problems with relating to others or feeling suicidal and I think it's a party I'd give a miss. That said, I've made real friends here, so who knows... (typical Evil prevarication). :evil:
  11. ~CazzaAngel~

    ~CazzaAngel~ Staff Alumni

    I think it'd mainly work out. I wish we were all closer together, I also wish I was closer to Scotland. :rolleyes:
  12. silent_enigma

    silent_enigma Well-Known Member

    In any large gathering you'll have people whose personalities clash, but at least in this situation no one person who feels like "I can't fit in because I'm Mr/Ms depressed"
  13. Feared.Desire

    Feared.Desire Well-Known Member

    Aye, exactly. :smile:
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