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    how do i begin? how do i begin to tell all my feelings, my thoughts, my problems....well i don't know how, but i will try... :unsure: For me, it's like a sharp knife that is pinching my heart, getting deeper and deeper, waiting for the right moment to dig in as far as it needs to kill me. It's like feeling rain when it's sunny, it's like feeling the wind blow when it's calm as nothing. I'm dieing and i'm dieing slowly, that's how i feel everyday that i wake up. Well alright, that's all i got for now....
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    Samy, what can I say to you that would help to relieve some of this deep sadness? We have known each other for over a year now. I remember us getting through some very difficult times. We both made it. In the midst of those dark days were also some good times. I want you to dig deep and find those good times. The 4th of July, the concert, hockey games, when you first met Frank ( we were all nervous about that one and wondered what we had done :blink:) Those are a few I remember off the top of my head. I remember you talking about others, but not specifics. Try to remember these days hun. Let the good days take over the bad and smile again. :hug:
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    :hug: corrina, i thank you for those times too!!!

    i just feel as though i'm clinging onto a dream that i'll never get to fulfill. A life that's going no where, some sort of hope that's going to get crushed by a big footed mother fucker. :mad: The music that plays from my cd player is nothing but low, depressing music that makes me want to lye in bed for days and pretend that the world outside doesn't exist. That i'm a rock in a dark hole, just waiting to get kicked. I don't mind really, that's how my life is going and that's how it's going to end. I watch the sun rise and set and i wish i could do that sometimes. The drink is where i go away to think... :cry: i've been called an alcoholic, :cry: do you know how much that hurts? to know that both your parents were alcoholics and NOW I'M TURNING INTO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry: i'm so pissed off right now
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    :hug: samy were here for you hun, always by your side. To help when one falls and help them get back on there feet again. Hang in there hun :hug:
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    never will i truely be happy again, the tears that fall from my face are turning into little red drops of blood and making it hard to see. :dry: :mad: :sad: to me, life is ending and it's ending fast. this song...this song i'm listening to, :unsure: It'll will forever break my heart, but i don't want to stop listening to it because it reminds me of something...Work is not fun anymore, yes, it use to be, i cry @ work now... :hiding: :blub: sorry