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Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by DayOn, Oct 19, 2007.

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  1. DayOn

    DayOn Active Member

    How the hell do you slow time? Not literally but how can one make the moment last, that it seems to stretch on forever?
    I don't want to grow old, I don't want to die. If I could, I would hold onto my youth with a tenacious grip and never let go.
    It's like we're all caught up in a whirlwind; time flies by so fast. And no one can know for sure what comes after.
  2. I totally can relate to this.
  3. Swollen

    Swollen Active Member

    I have the same fears. Many times I've thought about how wonderful it would be to remain my age and never grow any older. Everyone says that life flies by so quickly and suddenly you're 60 with grandkids. I think when we realize this though we end up having better and fuller lives because we are aware of how quickly this will pass. Make use of the time you have been given.
  4. incognito

    incognito Well-Known Member

    I, too, have a major fear of growing old... :unsure:
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