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    How do you decide what you are going to work on when you go into a session? My therapist always asks me what I want to work on that day, I never have an answer. I hate that question. I don't think in a way that allows me to come up with an answer, its talking, not something I see or touch. She is getting frustrated with me.
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    yeah i'm the same. I can only think of something if I'm very upset about something and want to talk about it. My therapist would get very frustrated with me as well. Maybe you could find another therapist if you don't feel this one's right for you.
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    I will try to ask her to stop asking me that. For some reason that question makes me panic and my mind goes blank. I have a hard time talking though. I don't say much, not because I don't want to, but because I feel like I can't, like . . . my voice is broke or something.
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    yeah me too. :hug: it's hard to talk about things sometimes.
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    I actually make a list before I go in, but I have to interrupt or else we will only discuss what she wants to discuss. I keep the list in my pocket. I will also jump from subject to subject.
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    How long have you been in therapy for?

    When I first met my therapist nearly 2 years ago she said it was like trying to get blood from a stone. For the 1st couple of sessions I literally sat staring at the floor whilst she tried to prise the most basic information from me.

    Therapy can take a lot of getting used to as it's all talking & it's all about yourself. That was a very hard concept to come to terms with.

    In all honesty I pretty much winged the 1st few months cos I let her do all the work, then she said it wasn't beneficial to me as I wasn't really doing anything besides shrugging my shoulders or nodding/shaking my head. She helped me a little with what issues I had but at the end of the day I had to decide what stuff was impacting on me as a person today. It wasn't easy & it took me the best part of a year to do it but now we are working through said issues & it is helping albeit slowly. As my psychologist said though, my issues happened over a long period of years so I can't really expect them to be better in a few weeks, it can sometimes take months or years.

    Sometimes I thought it would be so much easier to give up but that's why I got into this whole situation in the 1st place.

    Hmm I've rambled a bit, but please stick with it & you'll get there, the only other thing my psychologist asked me to consider was the possibilty of a break as I wasn't strong enough to cope & she wasn't sure I'd be able to handle the issues that came out.

    Failing all that, you could get a new therapist if you feel you're not getting anywhere with your current one.

    All the best xx
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    I have been in therapy this time around for . . . 7 months I think. I usually go every 2-3 weeks although sometimes it has been longer in between. I have been in therapy before as a teenager, but I didn't do much then either. I have a hard time thinking when I have to talk.

    I think she may actually be someone who can help me. All the people I have seen before didn't attempt to make me do anything, she does.

    I think we found a solution though. I write between sessions, give her to the notebook when I go in and then we proceed from there.