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    We are depressed, and therefore can't just act, just change, just be damn proactive and do it. Most people either don't understand that, or simply don't know what to say (which I completely understand and don't blame them, I used to not understand and thought things were relatively easy until it became my life).

    So what can we do? If we have no one to help us (either cause there is no one there or cause people who love us can't handle it), and life keeps going, days keep passing and it's only getting harder to get out of it.

    I started my first post with explaining my situation, but now i feel that was irrelevant, that what is wrong with me isn't what happened cause objectively I could change it. It is my mind that is wrong and I haven't been an adult for so long to experience maturity without it (depression). So it feels it is just life I am not able to lead.

    Does anyone who understands there isn't a choice we can make tell me what then, how to fix it, or escape it.

    Is suicide really so bad?
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    It is not a choice - you are right.

    Depression is an illness - you do not choose to have an illness.

    You would not choose diabetes, TB, flu, leprosy or any other disease you care to name.

    Kay Redfield Jamison put it best in my mind, saying that depression is a disease that takes both energy and hope.

    With this in mind - do what you would do when faced with any other medical issue and seek medical help. This is hard to do - if you have someone you can trust like a family member, then maybe get them to come with you - not only for moral support but to make sure that you actually go in the first place.

    We do not choose depression - but we can choose to take the difficult but ultimately more rewarding action and get help.

    Even if we need so much help in order to get help.

    PM me if you wanna talk more about this,

    Much love,
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