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    Hi i joined tonight for some guidance and to hear how others perpsectives on depression. I am 30 years old, not bad looking, steady job, boyfriend, great family yet I am so unhappy with my life. I can compare it to feeling of when somebody you know dies and the world carries on, you want to make them stop as they are not feeling the pain you are. On the outside I am cheery and cheeky at work but nobody knows that I was thinking of suicide on the drive into work. I do not see a way out of my misery at the moment.
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    Hi and welcome...many of us live in this duality until we have a way to express our feelings...I have found support both peer support here and one provided by a professional has helped me bridge the gap between the two world...welcome again and so glad you decided to share with us...big hugs, J
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    Just want to say hi welcome to SF
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    Hi there, just wanted to say hello and I fully understand what you are saying and feeling. pm me if you ever want a chat xx
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    Welcome to the forums!! It sounds like you have underlying problems.. Can you tell us more about you.. Pain and lack of motivation are a big part of depression.. Keep posting so we can help!!
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    Hi thank you so much for your responses. Today was a good day, for a change! Trying to push the feelings of worthlessness to the corner of my mind.
    I know it's not a nice thing but it does give me some comfort that others feel similar pain. I am not a selfish person, maybe I am too sensitive to other peoples feelings, maybe I should consider myself more often. I have experienced depression for about 20 years now.