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Howdy All!

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Just a quickie to say hello to all of you, so Hi, I'm new here, so please be nice lol :biggrin:

Anyway, had my first bout of depression about 15 years ago, where i took my first od, been depressed on and off for the following years, then had a major breakdown about 5 years ago and had all the treatments available on the NHS. Got dx'd with bpd, anxiety, social phobia, depression, ptsd, the list goes on and on! Been on all sorts of meds, had cbt, day hospital therapy, you name it ive probably done it! Countless od's, sh and other forms. This isnt going well as an intro...

I'm actually in a place where im not crying so much, but just have a complete lack of regard to my own well being, but want to help others.

Anyway, keep strong all and look after yourselves!
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