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:) welcome
well, when you're up to, maybe something about yourself, like age, what's bothering you ....all you want to share :)
take care,


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Hello Wagster;

Welcome to the forum!:smile: Tell us a bit about yourself when you're ready. Feel free to come here to vent and ask for support and compassion - we have lots of that to give.:smile:



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I'm 30 years old.

I'm from Liverpool

I'm a member of the St John Ambulance service and get to see free football matches, horse races, concerts etc etc.

Oh and at the moment, i'm severely depressed and i don't know why.

The manager at the Mental Health Day Centre seems to think i just need something to do during the evenings, and i will be ok :blink: :blink:

Just waiting for my CPN to turn up after 1.30 she said.


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Hi and :welcome: to the forum :)

I used to live in Birkenhead :D

Anyway, i hope you like it here.. i look forward to seeing you around. Hope things with the CPN went ok, and helped?

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