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Huge debts, depression, social problems...

Like everything is going well; decade ago I needed to get a surgery and chemo; and I had to work for this... Working as a paramedic, for so long; but It was not enough, needed a credit... Then, a day stopped working, stuck in a home for 3-4 years. Now, I couldn't pay just 15k € and it makes me bad about depression. situation is getting worse with; dept's 5k from couple of people, including my mother. Now I'm back to university for get away from hospitals, ambulances and people. Geophysics is so good but I don't have money and energy enough. Everyday, I'm thinking about my life's end, it's like a fantasy to me. I'm so afraid that im feeling comfortable about this... Without running, cycling and university it can be real issue...
I realize now that I'm a cancer survivor; if this is a survival... I didn't think like that before, I think the money issue take my life instead some stupid tumours...

*Sorry about that English, its not fluent and I'm not OK.
I'm so nervous about sharing also...
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Hi thee @Anne.Pera No need to be nervous posting here at all and don't worry your English is perfect.

I honestly have no advice just wanted you to know I read this and I care but i would recommend therapy, its helped me in all sorts of situations. You are not fighting this alone, we are here for you ((hugs))
Sorry to hear that you are going through this

Do you want to say what country you are in? There may be some country-specific resources available to you.

It's great that you have a dream of getting a degree in geophysics, maybe there is a way that you can work that out, but it sounds like taking care of your health and well being should be the priority.

Are you getting any kind of treatment?

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