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This "royal wedding" is pissing me off!!! I understand Brits being excited about it but why is the whole world like on to it? Even in my country where monarchy doesnt exist the news is shown 24/7 and reporters say theyre "excited" WTF?! The world is putting its attention in the wrong place. IMO its just too much. There are other things that could be shown in the news!!!

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Perhaps it will be a good distraction for others that are suffering get their minds on something more positive happening young couple i see them as not royalty just a couple in love
Yeah it sucks and I live in the Philippines. Why do we care so much about it we don't have royal bloodlines here... And even tomorrow the channels will show it. It'll take probably a week or so to get over this "wedding fever".

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huh. I don't have my cable hooked up and I generally avoid news websites so I was only vaguely aware this was happening. Not sure what the big deal is. Royal kid of defunct royal family no longer holding any real political power gets married, spends lots of money in process.

Is this a big thing because he's handsome? Or what?


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I think its neat :/ I haven't had any time to watch much about if because
Of work but what's wrong with a little distraction from the regular
Murder, rape, and devastating storm stories they have on the news everyday?
I understand how it would be annoying to always hear about it..
But I think its cool. :]


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Ugh, I didn't dare to turn the TV on this morning. All I've been hearing about on the news for the last month or so is the royal wedding. I mean, there's so many more things that should be on the news besides some wedding going on in England. Last time I knew, I lived in America. But there's no escaping it. It's everywhere. At school, at work, at home, on TV, and on the internet. I didn't mind it until everyone was making a huge deal out of it. IMO, it's just a wedding :dry:.


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This wedding thing is driving me bugshit as well and unfortunetly because I live in England theres just no getting away from it. So in an effort to find a little plot of the world without wedding coverage I logged on to SF and what do ya know. Now Im posting in a topic about the bloody wedding!!! :lol!:
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