Hulking Out

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    I just really need to let of some steam. You can't get angry at people online properly, it is a wasted effort, but how i fucking hate some of them with the passion that i would if they were standing face to face with me. People who are so narcassistic that they fill threads with their shit even though no-one invited them to sit on the hole...People who lecture and assume that they are speaking to the ignorant masses "i have two opposable thumbs same as you" fuckwit...People who post asking for advice or just wanting to connect and then never reply to their own posts.

    This is not about anyone on here by the way, but just in general. And i get most pissed off at myself, because i totally fall for it every time, i'm such a fucking dunce, why do i care? lilbabycries is probably some 26 stone trucker from north wales getting his socks off, and there is me spending an evening worrying because she said this or that... I wish i could switch off as easily as i switch off the computer.

    Sorry for complaining and ranting.

    (all names have been changed to protect those with already anonymous ids on the tinternet)