Human Emotion

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  1. Kiba

    Kiba Well-Known Member

    I wake up every day
    I know I am here to stay
    I once thought I was of dust
    Of mold, and rust

    I thought I was nothing
    but nothing is always somthing
    Now I live with my family
    happily alive

    I know I am worth much
    for I have such
    A wise mind and heart
    and a brand new start

    Life can be hard
    like a metal shard
    but it becomes somwhat smooth
    even if there may be a small groove

    Life goes on no matter what
    even if u live without even a small hut
    Im there for you
    Its true

    I know what it feels like
    Its like riding a bike
    but through a dark hole
    where you loose your role

    Your role in the world
    its like you have hurrled
    You feel so empty inside
    You feel like you have to hide

    You hide your emptyness inside
    You put your soul aside
    You see a dark cloud in your mind
    You feel left behind

    The world moves on while you are still
    You loose your hope and will
    You loose most everything dear to you
    you become the salt in the stew

    The worthless part of a group
    you loose yourself and stay out of the loop
    You see things as neggitive
    even that which once was possitive

    But enough about the bad
    Im tired of feeling sad
    I love my life
    even though I have had much strife

    I feel alive now
    all I can say is wow
    Life may seem bleak somtimes but things can become better
    If you just withstand the weather

    Death is not the way
    everyone wants you to stay
    including me
    living is the key

    The key can be hard to keep
    you may weep and weep
    but know you will be ok
    and after a while you will be on your way

    Your way to happyness may not seem near
    it may seem like it will never come here
    in this world of darkness and dispear
    It may feel like you will never be there

    You may feel you will never be fine
    you may wine
    but in your heart
    somthing will start

    Small at first
    but then it may burst
    Into a weath of happyness
    even though u may feel some residual crappyness

    You cannot feel good without the bad
    No happyness will come unless you have been sad
    to know happyness without sadness is to know nothing of humanity
    and if you know nothing of humanity it is a calamity

    But no one can know nothing
    because nothing always becomes somthing
    everyone is human and knows emotion
    but there is no potion

    No potion to happness
    nor to sadness
    or any other emotion
    or even to motion

    Yes we may have medications
    we may have radiations
    that tell us what is medically wrong
    but like a song

    Things can go high or low
    fast or slow
    happily or sadly
    madly or badly

    Things will turn out fine
    even if you feel like you will wine
    forever and ever
    and never get better

    I didnt beleive it myself
    but now I am in a wealth
    a wealth of happyness
    even though I still have some sadness

    Try and beleive me when I say
    There is a way
    A way to feel good and accepted
    instead of sad and rejected

    I still do not always feel 100% happy
    but I know I will not forever feel crappy
    Things will be good in time
    even if you do not beleive my ryme

    Things will be better
    if you just withstand the weather
    beleive me when I say it will
    for I have been there in that chill

    That chill of that cold black cloud that surrounds you
    That takes hold of you
    In your darkest hours of dispear
    remember my words when you get there

    You are not the cause of this sadness and dispear
    You need to care
    You are strong enough to get through
    just like I was you can be too

    This is just a period of time in your life
    That may be full of strife
    You are strong
    dont feel like you have done any wrong

    You may feel guilty and sad
    but you most likely did nothing real bad
    Its all in how you look at life
    even through all your strife.

    Life can be happy or sad
    but without either it would be bad
    know that what I have wrote is true
    you may need me to talk to you

  2. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    I remember reading this the time I voted but forgot to comment..

    I voted write more, its awesome :)
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