Human nature depresses me yet again

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    Today, I had to stand in line for two hours to get vaccinated. There were a lot of kids around, and a little 2 year old bumped into my leg, and I was trying to be friendly with her. Then I looked up, her mom was standing there, I tried to be friendly to her as well, and she just gave me the meanest look possible. I guess I came off as weird or something.

    Later, I was looking online about what could be the cause of this mentality and found that there's a lot of fear about perverts and pedophiles. Being male doesn't help, because 90% of them are male.

    That's the thing that gets me. Its not only despicable behaviour, but it shows me that there's something within men that makes them more prone to being sexual deviants. I also saw some stuff where psychologists even suggested that its a sexual trait some people develop that they can't change and that some pedophiles, not all, actually go through a struggle against that behaviour. Some believe that its a preference that develops like homosexuality. Its not to say that homosexuality, the preference for the same sex, is bad but that pedophilia, a preference for children, has the misfortune of being really destructive by default, where homosexuality isn't because its between consenting adults. The pedophile may be destructive in a similar manner that a tornado is destructive. It may just be some destructive, unstoppable aspect of nature that can't be prevented or ever stopped from effecting generation after generation.

    If that's true, it has some implications that make me believe less in humanity. What other damaging human behaviours are inherent in certain segments of the species that can ever be stopped? I read that the percentage of the population that has issues with drug abuse is exactly the same as it was before drug laws. Its just one other thing that makes me further loose my faith in humanity.
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    I lost my faith in humanity a long time ago. But then I see the mother Theresas of the world and the good people and it brings back a little hope.
    So try and remember that sometimes. It helps. In a lot of bad there's always a glimmer of good.
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    There's theories about testosterone and its possible link to violence.

    You should've winked at the mother. She might not even thought about pedophilia, abduction, etc. You're assuming a lot.
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    You're probably right. I was looking at common fears that have towards people they don't know, and that was one of the big ones. That's what I'll do next time. I just kind of smiled and nodded, and she had this annoyed look. I don't think winking would have masde much difference. Perhaps she was just having a shitty day. Reading about the topic just kind of depressed me, not so much the reaction from the mother that lead me to read about it.
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    It is not testosterone in males that is linked to violence or sexual deviance. Deviance has complex and multiple triggers in both sexes and violence is very directly a result of low serotonin levels.