Humanity reached a breaking point?

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  1. Anthony

    Anthony Active Member

    I heard a quote some time ago, that said, "All men are created equal, it is man that places themselves above others."

    Looking around at the world around me, I can see that it's true. Wars over difference of opinion, beliefs, and just for ego boosts it seems. So many people just out for themselves, never realizing, that perhaps with understanding, and by working together, we can all obtain our goals. Instead it seems, human nature has taken a turn from mere survival, to a race to be first.

    Just looking around my town, and my own situations, selfishness, blatant refusal to share any sort of joy, is rampant. Everyone wants to be the only one to have any of the happiness, and if they can't get it, they ruin it for other people. We make environmental problems, and economy out to be the big problems. When in fact, even if those are restored, nothing is any better.

    All the money in the world won't make the people I speak of realize what they're doing to themselves, and others. They don't care, and that's the problems with ideology. If they truly believe what they're doing is right, then nothing you say, or show to them will ever change their mind. It's turned into a big game of follow the leader, so many people do it, I guess it's the new hip thing. The baggy pants craze is gone now, bell bottoms are out, we're running out of fads, and this one is everlasting. The last big fashion statement, so to speak.

    It makes me really sick, what people do to one another. Those who try to help others, do all they can. When the tables turn, and those are the people who need a little assistance, the very people that they helped, turn up their nose, and don't even acknowledge their existence. Nice guys finish last, nice girls finish last, the assholes of the world, get everything, because they don't care who they step on to get it.

    Humanity is doomed at this point. This isn't a cryptic message signifying the end of the world, or a World War. It signifies the intolerance, the moral corruption, the selfishness, the uncaring ability, that's inbred into every one of us. Everyone has the ability to do good, or evil. Some choose to do good, others do not. But that's whats ruining this world we live in. The amount of people who simply don't care about anything but themselves anymore. It may seem small, but with so many people doing it, it becomes the butterfly effect. That to me is the saddest part.

    Please share your thoughts if you wish, I'd love to hear your opinions as well.
  2. Account Closed

    You are 100% right
    but, that IS the human nature, it was like that for as long as humans first appeared on our planet.
    No one can fight against our nature
    its the same as fighting against our sex drive, its almost impossible
    and even if it is possible, many will think it not worth it.

    In the beginning, the only way to get the best chicks was to be a leader
    the alpha male of the tribe, to do that you had to be strong enough or\and smart enough
    to kill or banish the previous leader.

    with time those leaders no longer had to protect themselves
    they just payed to some guys to protect them
    which made lots of problems for those who wanted to take over
    and that is when things like religion was born
    a way to control people without disbanding the prime leader, like the king.

    anyways IT IS IN OUR GENES to fight and be the best of the best
    but while some are hunters, other born to be farmers

    me? i am a hunter, and if i will fail, i prefer to die then to be a farmer
    not many can say that, people cherish life so much that they will be not only farmers
    but if needed they will be slaves, just so that they will survive
    i think those are cowards, and most of people are like that unfortunately

    so? you said you don't like the system?
    well if you don't like been hit\damaged\harmed\etc, then don't fight!
    you got 2 options, to do as others say, or to be the one who say to others what to do
    but for the second option you have to fight...
    and there is no such thing as fighting without getting harmed
  3. bhawk

    bhawk Well-Known Member,
    Go through the site and read up, theirs some great links to some great books on their, its a way of not complying with a system you have no faith in.
  4. CAD

    CAD Well-Known Member

    Men aren't created equal, and they don't have a set place in The Great Chain of Being with no upward or downward mobility. There is obvious disparity within the human race itself, but all members of that race are fundamentally the same in the sense that they are human beings. No human is inherently "divine" or has "royal" or "aristocratic" blood running through their veins. That is to say, men can make (or be made) themselves better or worse, although innate talents and individual circumstances will have an obvious bearing.

    Actually this is pretty complex!
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  5. shades

    shades Staff Alumni

    ANTHONY: Well stated, unfortunately!
  6. wastedmylife

    wastedmylife Well-Known Member

    I blame the Bush administration for the changing of America, it seems all the scum have come out of the closet after 8 years of Bush

    It seems America was a decent place before the Bush administration came along, there were values and people were decent to each other, now we are just scum and all out for ourselves
  7. pit

    pit Well-Known Member

    Do you think Obama can get us back to those good ole times?
  8. Random

    Random Well-Known Member

    No. Humanity hasn't reached a "breaking point". We're well past that. Humanity has been doomed since we started. There was never any hope or alternative. Everything every human being has ever done has only been one more tick in the clock that counts down to the day of reckoning for this species. This is the terrible price we will ultimately pay for our intellect and the complacent arrogance of our ancestors (and contemporaries). It's as inevitable as the sunset. There will be a great deal of suffering for many people and there will be no escape for them. It makes perfect sense if you think about it. There's nothing to predicting our future. It's only a matter of when. How long it will take for things to unfold.

    Fortunately, I doubt the true "day of reckoning" will come for quite a few more years. Oh, sure. Things are already going to hell in a handbasket but things are still relatively tolerable for most people and most folks don't have a clue how bad things will ultimately get.
  9. Menchi

    Menchi Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, a lot of that is just life. It is human instinct to achieve, i guess, and while a few realise that together, we can achieve far far more (and i'm not talking communism, just some form of collectivism), most believe it is a race for number one. I think that it is very much that in the US, and probably less so elsewhere, but the point is valid all over the world. Douglas Adams said it best when saying "It is a well-known fact, that those who most want to rule are, ipso-facto, those least suited to do it.". Those who seek power in our society are most likely to abuse it, while those who would be best at using it would never try in the first place.

    The solution to this? We all put our money together, buy some island somewhere, and everyone who wants to be away from this crap should just move there. Besides that, pretend to be a power mad psycho, and therefore easily get yourself elected for leader in whatever country you are in.
  10. Tray

    Tray Well-Known Member

    Why is this an excuse that everyone brings up for everything thats wrong with the country ???
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