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this word is taking over the website! nobody is safe! hide the childr...!

lol. this thread has no real purpose, it's just a joking thing

but a LOT of people use the word 'hun'!

all right, cheers everybody


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I know :laugh: - a lot people used it when I first joined back in Sept '05.

Rumour has it that Robin started the trend off! :superman: :laugh:
Oh, I'm sorry you feel that way, HUN. :bleh: hehehehe


For the record though I only use it when I'm on forums and sometimes cahtting and that... ive yet to actually say it haha.

Robin did indeed start it. All the way back in August 04 when I came here...he was in chat a lot more then, and he did say it a lot...and then all the staff started saying it...and then everyone was saying it...it's an epidemic!!! Run for your lives!!!! :ohmy:
When I was little, and old lady across the street used to address anyone younger than she was as hun. Oh, no! I've become that little old lady. maybe it's time for me to find a new word. The "hun" stops here. lol
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