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Hunting wild hyenas by hand

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Hunting wild hyenas by hand- and INSIDE the den!

Wow - I do admire this man - and do not worry - he hunts hyenas which would be killed - and saves them!

He uses no weapons is compassionate with the poor creature - although a hyena could kill a man no doubt!

Here is the story and a link to the actual video - only 6 mins or so.

When a wild hyena rampages in the mountains of Jordan and eats sheep, dogs, and a baby they call in this man to catch it. He wrestles it out of its den, and never shoots. He tracks the footprints and traces of fur until he finds the den, and crawls into it with a torch. The helpers block the entrance with rocks so that the hyena cannot get out! They only open it when he shouts that he is coming out with the creature.

He shows remarkable compassion for the creature and brings it out muzzled so that it does not bite him. He gives it water to drink and comments that if the creature is so thirsty imagine just how hungry it must be, as if apologizing for the animal's rampage. Then he takes it home to captivity away from harm.

The baby of 1 1/2 years age was eaten three months ago and his remains found by police. The hunter's name is Radi Al-Awd and he does this regularly!"



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Baha, liveleak posts the best videos. :D

That's insane!
Actually - I'd love to be that kind of a man.

I kow what you mean - but this is 'insane sanity'

some people feel bad - go to a doctor - go on meds - get counselling and get worse - see a psych - listen without bursting out laughing - take more meds and so on.

On the other hand, this guy....


I think that even the worse date would be seem like a breeze after tackling the hyena - whose jaw can crush your arm - like it was some dog treat.

And depression - would vanish as you head into the den of a ferocious beast!

Someone ought to actually pay this guy a lot of money to wear a webcam - and record a good BBC wildlife documentary on the guy - a series.

Damn BB and those fame seeking wannabes!

Throw hyenas into the Big Brother (BB) set and boy - I'll watch that!!!!!

I mean - it would be horrible -(sob) all those poor people who wanted fame becoming famous - but famous dead! Sort of - boring really.

Anyhow - I think it would be a good TV show either way.

PS see the LOVE this guy has for the hyena - he gives the poor beast water - and the hyena though caught by then - laps it up - it already trsust this man - which is amazing.

People are amazing

We are not animals - no - that is not what we are.

We are - different.
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