Hurricane Irma and SF


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Apparently the server group that is the primary server for SF is in the path of hurricane Irma. We have been told they have a plan in place that ensures continued service and no issues however there is some "small possibility of slower server service/ or brief outages caused by either the hurricane and power outages or when moving the databases to other unaffected area servers"

While we hope there will be no issues at all just so all are forewarned if it looks like SF disappears- we did not- we have complete backups of the database and even if there is an interruption it will be very temporary. Ideally there will be nothing noticable at all but if there are issues we will update the facebook page with news if any issues occur so you may want to "like" that page info.


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I'm not on Facebook so I shall hang out here. Fingers crossed all is ok, sf has been slower than normal the past couple of days but I think that's my end :)

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