hurt again but why???

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by White Dove, Nov 27, 2007.

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  1. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    I have been hurt again and i am so freeking stupid... stupid to belive in someone.. stupid to trust in someone.. i cant believe this freeking sh....

    tell me something.. why is it that when i need to contact someone , some stupis a-hole decides to say ( hey i got power here lets take away her pms ? ) the only way i could contact someone of a leagle means and the stupid idiot takes away the pms... what the crap is going on??

    i did nothing wrong.. i mean nothing freeking wrong.. no dang explanation, nothing.... talk about a stupid a-hole.. i swear i have had it with others. i swear i have..

    God if anyone knew just how close i was to blowing my freeking brains out?? i can do it in a heartbeat and i swear im really thinking about doing it to... stupid idiot thought about coming here and posting to hurt me but found out it did not work and that i told the truth so now to get back at me take away the pms??

    well by Grab i dont want nothing to do with your site mr CF so delete me from it cause i sure as hell wont be back.. talk about being a christian , well your nothing but a hipocrite..

    yep , i think i know you came here and tried to hurt me by telling others i told a lie then when you found out it was not a lie you decided to block me from having pms by no reason.. real cool at least i know who the hell done it now...

    i am so freeking close of doing it. i swear.. it wouldnt even matter if i did do it..

    i aint got my trailer, i have not got nobody really.. heck i might as well just go... just get my g.. and do it. just get it over with if anna can do it then by God i can .. i will never see justic in this arson case.. my life will never get better.. talk about a rotten life i have had..

    must be fun to make me hurt, must be fun to watch me suffer, well screw you.. i am not going to suffer anymore.. im going , im gonna do it for real and nobody would give a damn..

    im gone and im dead soon , had it with this life, tired of the hurt, tired of the tears. no more.. no more...
  2. liveinhope

    liveinhope Well-Known Member

    Ive sent you a pm hun i hope you receive it let me know here if you dont
  3. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    i got it and i sent you one also..

    i tell you they cant hurt me from the grave no dang way.. there fun of hurting me will be stopped then.. im putting a stop to it.. i post a photo here to the link to the photo that shows whats left of my home to clear my name which somehow got bad for some damn reason, probably because some stupid idiot shot their mouth off saying it was a lie.. well it wasnt damn it.. my home burnt.. i lost a lot of things that cant be replaced.. i got nothing now.. nothing , no dang reason to stay anymore.. i can only take so much and thats it.. i have had it.. screw this world , im going to where theres peace , love , and comfort, where no one judges your every word, where others are open and honest.. where they dont diberatly try to hurt you.. thats where im going and you cant hurt me no more when i get there.. you cant hurt me no more.. i am going to take away your fun of hurting me and take away my pain at the same time.. i done wrote the admin telling him i want deleted from that web-site and i am not going back there either.. hurt someone else cause you wont have me to hurt anymore.. would be kind of hard to hurt me from the grave now wont it??? i would like to see you try but it wont work... i will be here for just a few days, just enough time to clear my name here then i am gone.. try and hurt me from that grave damn it... just try and hurt me... it wont work.. im taking away your fun of hurting me.. im taking it away from you.. you wont hurt me from the grave, you cant hurt me from that grave..
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