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Hurt - Just like everyone else

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I read around this site and everyone is in pain.

I want to say "I have gone far beyond my capacity to cope"... but that does not make me any different to anyone else. One would think that knowing others share pain, would make me feel better, but deep down I know I think my pain and hurt must be a million times more than everyone elses. Somehow I believe my isolation and loneliness is harder to endure than any one else has experienced. I know that's not true, I know that's not rational. I know its how everyone on this site (and probably in this world) feels from time to time... I know its just emotion talking but AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH.

I need meaning, I need purpose - I am desperate. I don't want to make grand statements or threats to get attention.. but I want (need??) attention. I want people to help me, without me having to ask for help.... I want someone just to understand without me having to explain, but that's impossible.

Kaysha :cry:


Well-Known Member
:hug: Hey Kaysha,
If you ever need someone to talk to you can talk to me, ok?
PM me anytime you want, email me *happygurl_26@msn.com* or wahtever..
I hope you can find some help on this forum..

Take care,
Ally _%
Kaysha... havent seen you around in ages and ages... have been wondering how you are and stuff... I know we havent spoken for a while and stuff but I'm still around if you wanna talk, drop me a PM if ya want. :hug:

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