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how do i tell my best friend that i hate her guts, that i want nothing more to do with her? how do i forget how mom fought so hard and lost? how can anyone think that grammie's cancer is any different than moms that teh pain inside me is any different or better? ive have kept every single problem (whether it was my to begin with or i was brought into it by another) inside for so long that it takes days to just get one emotion out, i begin to cry and i just close my eyes and push it all down further...if no one else cares why should i? All abby cares about is herself, i cant talk to her anymore, megan is so concerned about her own life that my best friend ditched me like trash...Julie (whom i thought really cared) doesnt even acknowledged that im alive....everyone was greeted except me, like i was invisible to her, she wont even answer my texts anymore....everyone i have ever loved has walked away, all i ever wanted was someone who cared....now im back to where i started nearly 4 years ago...all teh work i did to get better and get back to being me and i have nothing now...no allies, no friends and only thoughts of death


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I dont know what to say. Just wanted to let you know I've read what you have to say and that I'm here if you want to talk about it. You arent completely alone hun, I'm willing to stand beside you and help if I can :arms:
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