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I just love how I listen to how everybody else's feelings and i help them but when i try to tell them mine THEY DON'T LISTEN and i'm also tired of people saying that there "depressed" and all I want to is to yell at them and tell them that they have know clew what depression is you don't understand the type of crap people like me have been through. How all of our life we have been treated like a wall and only talked to when people want to tell us there feelings and problems but instead of saying anything I just stand by silently watching. I’m tired of all this pain that people have made me feel. I’m tired of life. I’M TIRED OF CARING FOR PEOPLE THAT DON’T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT WHAT I THINK OR FEEL. I have tried twice to take my life and I just need some body that will really listen.
Sorry that you're going through this.

SF is a place to find folks who can listen and offer support, especially when no one IRL is willing or able to help.

Do you want to say more about things that have happened?


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I'm sorry things are so bad but I'm glad you've found us. There are always people here who will listen.


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Hi, welcome to SF. I'm sorry that things are going bad for you at the moment. It's not a contest who is feeling worse, you know? People who say they're depressed are depressed - you, me, others here, whoever. People feel how they feel. I hope you find support here on the site and can begin to feel better soon.
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