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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Rene, Feb 8, 2011.

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  1. Rene

    Rene Member

    Struggling a great deal with anger. The 3rd anniversary of something traumatic for me is coming up--something I haven't been able to come to terms with and get a grip with emotionally. Feel like I'm spiralling out of control. Feeling death is the only way out. Worry about things all the time.
  2. peacelovingguy

    peacelovingguy Well-Known Member

    I struggle with anger, but more an anger at the way things are rather than whatever happened to me.

    What is the traumatic event Rene? Or is it too personal? Bear in mind, not to denigrate your pain, I'm sure others have been through that same trauma also. The anger you struggle with - maybe its down to unresolved issues or maybe its just something bad that happened that cannot be rectified. Sometimes that happens, but its hard to know due to your trauma not being identified.

    You cannot keep it all in.

    As for death being a way out - this cannot be right when you are still young and hopefully have your health even if your mind is in this awful place.

    Worrying about things all the time - just answer me this question honestly...

    Did this worry make things better or worse?

    I know the answer in advance, not being some idiot smart pants, its just that we all know this one. We know worry, that negative worry, its more like we let the worse of what our mind can think become the centre of the universe that is our mind. Like a planet goes around the sun - worry pulls us into some gravitational kind of pull - and like the planets, we're going in circles.

    What you need is to overcome the cycle of worry - this CAN be done and its the best thing we can do of our own accord. But we cannot all do this alone - most of us need guiding - we need good people in our lives to stop us thinking about ourselves.

    90% of the worries we have are a waste of time!!!! I'm sick of worry - its a battle with all of us because sometimes, we have to worry. Your worry over this trauma is valid - but the continuation of that worry is damaging.

    Not sure if you have sought any help re this trauma. Depending on what kind of trauma you suffered it may be possible for some legal closure. Also, counselling for trauma can be fantastic.

    I knew some people involved in a horrific work type of accident in which the survivors saw horrible things, dead people and horrific incidents of not being to save workmates. These tough men folded under the pressure of that trauma - many had post traumatic stress disorder, which I'd venture you seem to have also. I doubted counselling but these men doubted it WAY more than me. They never doubted it after the sessions they had. None of us saw PTSD as some invention at that point. It is very real.

    Medication can help also. One day it will be a precise science perhaps, but today its more at the stage of basic help being there. This improves as we gain an understanding of how the brain works.

    Anyway, I hope some of these answers find a receptive audience. I'm not qualified in anything but have experience via the years I've lived so far.

    Depression is a terrible thing - but the real sad thing is that many who suffer it will take a hell of a lot of punishment before they even raise the matter to another living soul. Some see it as a weakness - but lets be honest we have a world full of morons who see all manner of things in a twisted view. That view does not matter - it will die on the vine of history. All that remains is what is good in humanity, And there is good there no doubt. Sometimes its just a matter of meeting people like that.

    I'm hoping and praying you seek some help or at least get off your chest this horrible trauma. IF you have never broached the subject - maybe here is the right place.

    We're here to share those burdens.
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