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What's hurting you so much? If you feel up to it try talking to us about it; we're here to help.

I hope you're ok. Stay safe.
You know, I feel the same way too just every time I wake up and before I sleep. And nobody realizes that. But I keep on living not for my sake but for others who I love the most. So I hope it goes the same for you. Just the think of all the people you care for.
Thank you. i also live for my family but now its getting too much.
it keeps getting worse each day. i dont know what to do.
i just keep thinking of ending it all. im so tired of fighting. what for?
Living... living hurts so much.

and then i think... dont i deserve to kill myself? and i feel peace, like theres nothing wrong with it.

killing myself would be a gift i'd do to myself.
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