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    Last night me and my girlfriend were chatting and we started to talk about sex. Ive never been very good at talking about it and can sometimes get a litttle shy about it. This is my first ever girlfriend so its all pretty new to me. She can be very bold when it comes to this and she gets very frustrated when i dont know what to say. Last night she got very frustrated and couldnt understand why i went a bit quiet. i tried to explain but she made out that i dont love her as much as she loves me, which is not true, and that she should be used to this because shes 'never had luck in this department before anyway'. How small do i feel? She called me a problem. I would rather her say that i had a problem and not call me an actual problem. I dont know how to take all of this, all i want is for her to be happy and she made it clear last night how hard it is for her. Ive always said im not good enough for her and she always denied it, but i think she is beginning to see it too. I hope she works things out and sees what she wants because i really do just want her to be happy. Im just afraid that i will not be included and i cant live without her. Things were bad before we met and she has pulled me out of it and i know im going to slip back if she goes. im just so scared. Im wondering if she is only still with me because she is afraid of how i will react if she leaves, which isnt fair on her. Im screwing things up big time like i always do
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    eek .. not an easy one, but I'm sure you know that. All I can suggest maybe is looking up some dating advice sites on the internet.