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Husbands' Sleeplessness

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I'm not sure if anyone can help me with this situation, but here goes....
My husband has a very nervous (and annoying habit) of either rocking his leg from side to side or popping it up and down. I've let him know that this is a nervous habit, and asked him why he does it.
His response is that it keeps him from relaxing!!! He says that if he relaxes, he's afraid that he might die!! When we go to bed for the night, right when he's about to go into a really good sleep, he will jerk himself awake. As a result, he is usually very, very tired.
Even he tries to take a nap on the sofa, he will position himself in such a way as to cause himself discomfort, to intentionally not be comfortable.
Has anyone heard of anything like this??? There are other issues going on with him as well...he was sexually abused as a child by a family member and sometimes has very low self esteem.
I'm at my wits end....I love my husband very much and want to find him some help. Any responses will be greatly appreciated.


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I read this post and thought i should reply, although i doubt i have anything of any use to say. Your husbands situation reminded me alot of a story i read about a girl who always made herself uncomfortable so she didnt sleep well, when this was explored it turned out that when she was a child her mother died and her parents, instead of being honest about it, told her it was like her mum had gone to sleep for a very long time. This ofcourse made her afraid to sleep.

Anyway my point is that there probably is some psychological reason behind your husband not wanting to sleep well. Maybe something similar to above, or u say he was sexually abused as a child, do u no if this causes him to have nightmares? That could be another reason. All i can suggest is you talk to him about the reasons he does not want to relax enough to sleep. Also maybe some therapy or something to help him with his past and low self esteem may help?

I hope i helped some
Take care
I am interested in why he is afraid of death more than anything.
Seriously I feel that if you address this point then the need to stay tense my become moot. Is this fear due to his eternal destination after he dies?
Definitely not a case that can be diagnosed over the Internet. Is he at all willing to see a sleep disorders specialist? Or maybe try one of the survey type questionnaires at the top of the forum? There could be definitely be sleep disorders here, as well as post-traumatic stress syndrome, for which psychotherapy is very helpful. I can suggest you derma sleep patch. You just need to apply on specified part. You will get nice drug free and quality sleep. Tell your husband to go try the product or if wish he can surf the Internet for the products.
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