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hush now brain

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Seriously, with these imaginary arguments, brain, STFU!!!!! They're not even REMOTELY likely to happen, so STOP TALKING TO YOURSELF and getting yourself all worked up over absolutely NOTHING.

Loud music time, here we come. But first, let's see if this works. This is the argument that's going around in my head.

So, ex friend contacts me and asks me to be friends with her again (see, even the scenario is stupidly delusional)

I say, "why?"

She says, "Because we used to have fun together."

I say, "No we didn't. What fun did we have? I listened to you whinge about your life. If we went out drinking and dancing, 9 times out of 10 you'd be comatose and I'd have to drag you home, or you'd be sitting in the corner looking miserable with a little smirk on your face, thinking that you were better than everyone else there. You never dance. I never got to be the one that didn't have to worry about how to get home coz my friend would take care of me. You were the one that got to fall asleep on buses knowing I'd wake you up in time. So tell me, where's the fun?"

And then she realises that yes in fact that's exactly what happens, and the argument ends (except that that last little bit, in my head, just keeps going round and round)

Okay, it's trivial and it's stupid and this is just a test to see whether letting it all out here will get it OUT of my silly little circular brain.


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I think we all have these inner narratives, some more chaotic than others...it is which ones we listen to and which ones stay background noise that is the decision...I know what it's like to feel like there is a chorus yelling in my head, and not sure who is in charge...it took a lot of treatment and self-caring to begin to find my way out...hope you were able to let some of the steam out...it is a good thing to do...big hugs, J


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Thanks for your reply :) Sometimes I just wish I had an off switch to make it all shush! I got some sleep (after lots of tossing and turning) and the voices have ceased for now.

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