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  1. rd9671

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    :dry:I have gone in to see my pdoc today and he had spoken with my family, one of their concerns is with my incessant writing/typing. it goes in streaks for me but I never thought it was all that disruptive. Apparently i was wrong because this was the main topic of discussion. pdoc is considering adding another drug to the mix. have to go back and see him again next week for his final decision, after he talks with the rest of my family about this to determine the amount of disruption.
    I hate that my family has so much input into this, it is very frustrating to know that they have that much control over what i can do. Like I said, i think this is pretty harmless overall, don't know why they are making such a big deal out of it. i mean i am doing fairly well otherwise so why can't they just drop it? Just apower trip for them I suppose. i don't know.

    this has been really bothering me since I got home.
  2. Hae-Gi

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    Both your parents and that doctor sound like idiots. I myself have found that it seems that generally, psychiatrists, particularly, only want to control people. They usually seem to be evil, and actually want to ruin your life. I'm going to do my best, never having to see a psychiatrist, or for that matter, psychologist, again.

    Hypergraphia? That must be the most stupid diagnosis I've ever heard. So, if you're writing a novel, for instance, you must be medicated? Or posting on forums, for instance. It's hard to think that's even a real diagnosis, but of course; you never know with psychiatry people.

    Whatever you do, just don't take the "medication."
  3. rd9671

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    I think you are right, I will not be adding any meds just because they think this is disruptive. This is pretty lame overall. I guess they just feel that they need to control every aspect of my life if they find it disturbing in anyway. I think they get jealous of the fact that I have found an outlet that is acceptable.
    Heck, I dont know. But I will be seriously questioning their motives from now on.
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