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Hypersensitivity = not my problem anymore!

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Okay, so it is kind of, but I have found out how to not be bothered by sensations that oughtn't bother me.

Self-hypnosis. I use commands to block out any sensation that I don't like (for me it's almost exclusively sounds.) My blood pressure has dropped 20 mm Hg since I've stopped having to be stressed by my environment.

Now, of course I know that whoever reads this will be uncomfortable with the idea of hypnotism. However,

a) You have complete control over yourself during a trance. You can wake up at any time.
b) You can choose to ignore commands.
c) You will not forget what happens while in a trance unless you choose to.

Being in a hypnotic trance is so similar to full consciousness that ~80% of people entering trances do not realise they are entranced. I had been hypnotised dozens of times before I ever knew that I was, after my therapist explained that a trance is simply a state of deep relaxation.

It's perfectly safe and highly effective.

If anyone's interested, I can give more details.


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Yes please, I'd love to hear more details! :)

I'm glad its working for you. When you say self-hypnosis, do you mean you are hypnotizing yourself? (sorry if that's a dumb question). How does this work?


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At first it's hypnosis by a Danish fellow. However, he leaves a "trigger" that allows the user to put himself into a trance very easily. This means that after listening to it a few times you can put yourself into a hypnotic trance in just a few seconds. I have it as an mp3.

Then once you're under, either by him or by yourself, you can make suggestions to yourself. It's a bit tricky doing it right. For blocking sensations, I find that I can't directly block it, by saying "you will not hear that annoying noise." I find I have to decide to focus on something else, "you will hear only the prof." Though my mom had success one night using "you will STOP itching". So I dunno exactly how it works, it's deep magic or something.

PM me your email if you want the file, it takes about 15 minutes to listen to.
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