Hypnotherapy. Waste of time?

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Anyone know anything about Hypnotherapy? like maybe they've had it. I had it years back and it was garbage, I was just told to sit on a chair close my eyes and relax whilst some guy played soothing music and said stuff for me "this is a beginning of a new you....you will be everything you want to be" it was a complete waste of time I mean my dad could have sat me in a chair and played music and said positive stuff to me.

I guess judging by that session I had and reading some hypnotherapy sites, it just seems to me to be nothing more than relaxation. The stuff thats said about it is the person bieng willing to be hypnotized and letting things happen and bieng relaxed is probably because they are RELAXED and not hypnotized :rolleyes: I wonder if the real old traditional hypnotherapy really exists like when they'd do something and the person would just be out of it and only then would the hypnotherapyst suggest positive things to the person and only then would they actually make a difference. Otherwise it just seems a complete waste of time. Hypnotherapy?!?! B.S!! its relaxation!!!

can anyone shed any light on it or maybe have had it done. Pls tell me what good or bad effects it had if any at all. thx.


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I did it just once with my phyciatrist and he told me to do it like twice every day but I just stopped. When I did it with him in his office, I did for a while feel very calm and soothed, it was a good feeling but I have a feeling it would only be a very short term feeling.


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Hey its interesting you mention the subject.i did have an experience once and it was only one experience with one hypnotist [maybe it jsut didnt suit me] and ive heard some peopple it has really reallly benefited but for me it was one of the worst experiences ive ever had,it was negative adn i wouldnt go back.i wouldnt try again.

For a couple of reasons.i was there cos of my anxiety and cos of flashbacks etc i get occasionally of my past.However this guy couldnt hypnotise me at all......and gave up after about an hour and a half of driving me crazy tryiing!!!He had this thing attached to my finger to take my pulse so i couldnt have lied and pretended ot be hypnotised and relaxed even if id wanted too.My pulse rate was actually very high throughout probably due to my general anxiety problems [though he wasnt helping!] but he got really frustrated with me when he actually couldnt hypnotise me and told the person i was with that i couldnt be hypnotised and cos of that he recommednded i clearly needed to be in inpatient psychiatric care cos i shoudl be able to be hypnotised otherwise!i dont qutie know how he made the connection there but he did.And that was a few years ago now.But ive never ever paid and walked out of somewhere in tears quite like i left that place that day.

Maybe it was just the wrong person for me.But actually afterwards some wise person did point out to me that cos of the stuff in my past when i let things happen to me so to speak and id gone through that and it caused me emotional pain then i and my body probably would now have a natural reaction to rebel about being hypnotised cos it sort of would mean someone else being in control and letting things happen again.......and actualy when i thought about it i think this person was actually right in my case.i would never ever go back or try again.

But thats just me and ive heard of it helping some peopole!!!Sorry theres not much postive in my reply but i just wanted to give you my experience and you never know you may one day find hypnotherapy is for you!But it just wasnt for me..........

i was ten times worse at least when i walked out of there than when i walked in!lol

Take care
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