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    I used to be manic depressive (as well as other things) and was on anti-depressants. I was sick of taking the pills though and there were the rare occasions where I didn't have any for some reason. I got hypnotherapy done and now I'm happier and a lot healthier. I'm not perfect though, still slightly depressed generally, still self harm, and It didn't help my eccentricity (which is so extreme it has began directly affecting my life).

    And I met my girlfriend at the centre as she got it done as well.:biggrin:

    So I was just suggesting it as I believe it is worth it.

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    The mind is a very deep well - lots of things can be buried down there: hypnosis can often retrieve some of them.

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    chase can u do me a favor please?????....ı have shyness low self confıdance....can u ask ur hypnotherıst ıf thıs can be overcomed wıth hypnotherapy
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    I hear that. :yes: true true and true!

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    Hi Life, yes any certain way of thinking can be fixed such as low self esteem and shyness. It worked great with me, but I would get professional advice first.

    Hugs, Chase.