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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by alice_0, May 25, 2010.

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  1. alice_0

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    I think i might be a hypochondriac. i havent been diagnosed or anything, i cant afford to see a doctor...I was wondering, how do you cope with hypochondria on your own? Are there any medications that help? I dont know how to tell the difference between my rational and irrational fears any more, and i always think my doctors are wrong. i've already been through two obgyn's and two physicians, and am going to see a new dermatologist in a week. this has all been since february.
    my latest fear has been skin cancer. i dont know whether im blowing this way out of proportion or if i should really be scared...
    i've had spots developing on my skin that i've never seen before. one looked like a tiny mole, others look like new sunspots, and one is a spot i thought was a sunspot, but now it looks bigger and is sorta raised up some. i dont know what to do or what to think anymore...
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    I think you need to go talk to a psychologist about this, I really do. See there is a reason you are so worried about your health and why you are scared and therapy would help unearth the "whys" of your concerns. We are here for you so maybe talking about it would here would help to but I think that this issue maybe a short course of therapy would be more helpful.
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